Wednesday, February 13, 2013

CMLL Puebla 2/11/2013

CMLL Puebla 2/11/2013 taped 2/4/2013 at Arena Puebla

Last week's show is here:

Asturiano & Black Tiger vs Espiritu Maligno & Fuerza Chicana
Tec's get the 1st
Rudos get the 2nd with a gorilla press into a gut buster and a count out.
Rudos got the win with a wheelbarrow driver and a La Rosa into a DDT type of move. Pretty good opening match all things considered. Espiritu Maligna has an awesome mask and may make it on that alone. Rating:**3/4

NWA World Welterweight Title - Negro Casas vs Valiente

Valiente gets the 1st
Casas gets the 2nd

Negro Casas got the win with a La Magistral. This just didn't do it for me. They oversold here and were working a technical match, then went outside and didn't do much and kind of did the same as they came back in. The funniest part was when Val went to climb up the ropes and slipped, hitting his face on the buckle.  Some people may like this more than me, but I just didn't get into it.

This is all of the footage available from this show now but if more pops up, I'll do it.

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