Saturday, February 2, 2013

CMLL on Galavision 2/2/2013 Review

CMLL on Galavision 2/2/2013 Partial Review

The 1st half of this show along with a bunch of other shows will be up on Tuesday, so make sure to check back for pics/gifs and the rest of the show. I was going to wait until Tuesday for this but the main was so awesome.

Mascara Dorada, Titan and La Sombra vs Mr. Aguila, Psicosis II and Volador Jr.
1st fall - Mr Aguila is wearing the most ridiculous face paint I've ever seen. He's like half-giraffe today. Sombra did a huge moonsault to enter the ring after the match started. Sombra tried to do the stopping thing and Volador just went through him. The faces hit double splashes and Aguila did a flipping tope while Volador did a swinging Canadian Destroyer to get the first fall for the rudos. Pretty fast and exciting finish.

2nd fall - La Sombra was holding his neck in-between falls which I hope is just selling. He and his crew were all down as the 2nd began. Masacara Dorada took a nasty hiptoss onto the stage where he bounced quite high. The rudos then did a really cool T-Gimmick-like move where Volador came in-between and flipped Titan over from under. Doarada hit an awesome over the top roe hurricarana from the stage. The technicos then did dives with a huge moonsault from Dorada. Sombra did Kota Ibushi's fake moonsault into a moonsault move for the win. Heck of a fall here with some awesome dives. The timing was awesome here.

3rd Fall - Volador took off his shirt to a loud pop and both him and Titan did cartwheel rebounds into the ropes then backflips before Volador hit a superkick. Dorada hit a high missile dropkick then did a jump over the top and springboard off the 2nd middle rope. He then took a Jerry Bump all the way to the floor. Titan did an awesome limbo escape on a clothesline and Volador took a rough fall to the outside. The faces did a triple dive which was freaking awesome with a Titan moonsault in the middle. God this match is awesome. Titan did his handstand escape into a moonsault and head scissors then ate a grea high spin kick before a Dorada sling blade. Mije came in to kick Sombra before getting tossed. and Volador kicked Sombra through the ropes before hitting a moonsault to the floor. titan did an armdrag and another handstand before the heels dropkicked him. Dorada came in and dove on his partner on accident before getting hit with a canadian destroyer and a Psicosis powerbomb on Titan for the win.

This match was awesome. Super sick dives, some stiff moves and a great pace. This is the kind of lucha libre I love! Rating:****

They showed drunk fans dancing at the end with some guy doing the wave with his stomach and some goof spilling popcorn on himself along with a girl shaking her butt. Then they interviewed drunk and screaming fans to end the show.

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