Tuesday, January 15, 2013

WWC Puerto Rico 1/12/2013

WWC Puerto Rico 1/12/2013

Hey everyone, this is my first try at reviewing a WWC show. I'm going to make mistakes and definitely do need some help, so feel free to let me know if I mess up.

 They showed Carlito or Carly Colon shaking hands with Savio Vega and cutting a promo:
I know he talked about Mr. Raytings Ray Gonzalez, but that's all I got. They also showed Savio Vega arguing with WWC President Victor Jovica.

 Samson Walker vs Chris Angel
Chris Angel pins Samson Walker
Chris Angel pinned Samson Walker with a hurracanrana. Not a great one here but Chris Angel looked fine. He loves to walk the top rope and did a lot of that here.

They had Carlito cutting more promo's in ring and Savio Vega doing commercials for a car dealership:
Yeah, like I'm gonna buy a car off that guy.
Savio stole the car at the end of the commercial and they played that "Oh Yeah" song that Duffman off the Simpsons came out to.

 Andy Leavine vs Gilbert
Gilbert got the win after a failed knucks shot with a schoolboy. Not a real good one here with lots of bearhugs.

They showed some clips of Ray Gonzalez vs Apollo. Check out the bump on Apollo's head:

They had more promo's with Savio Vega and Carlito close the show.

Overall thoughts: If you ever wondered how foreign fans might feel of WWE, try watching WWC some time. This was mostly all promo's and since I couldn't understand them, I don't recommend this. If you speak spanish though, give it a shot.

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