Saturday, January 26, 2013

UFC on FOX 1/26/2013

Mike Goldberg is back for this.

Erik Kock vs Ricardo Lamas

Round 1 - Koch is taller and has a one inch reach advantage. Big John McCarthy is the ref. Lots of kick attempts by Lamas. Pretty even first round with not much happening besides kind of a takedown and a shot by Koch. Koch 10-9.

Round 2 - Lamas in control with some nasty shots and they stopped it. Lamas got about 30 seconds straight of shots in for a good win. Some hard elbow shots here and lots of blood.

Anthony Pettis vs Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone
Cowboy is three inches taller and has a one inch reach.

Round 1 - Pettis did an awesome capoeira kick that missed. Pettis hit an awesome kick to Cowboy's side that put him down and he threw a few more for the win.

Glover Tiexeira vs Quinton Rampage Jackson
This is Rampage's last UFC fight. Glover got an inch and a three inch reach on him.

Round 1 - Glover got him down quick. Jackson got back up quick and fired back. Fun round with lots of shots fired by both with Glover getting the advantage. Glover 10-9.

Round 2 - Sloppy round with both guys standing up and mostly missing. Glover got more shots in though for the 10-9.

Round 3 - Rampage got GNP'd here before getting back up. Both guys are tired here. Glover got another takedown near the end for mor GNP action and the win. Glover 10-9

My score - Glover 30-27. The judges mostly agreed for the UD.

UFC Flyweight Champsionship - Demetrious Johnson vs John Dodson
Round 1: Dodson sent Johnson down early, but Johnson got right back up. Dodson then got two takedowns later in the first with a nice slam on one of them.  Rough one to call but maybe I'll give it 10-9 Dodson.

Round 2: Big round for Johnson here as he dropped Dodson once and got it 10-9.

Round 3: Dodson got his low here and they had to take a break as he got a big knee to the nuts. Dodson got some shots in though to take it 10-9.

Round 4: Johnson got a nice takedown here and Dod son threw an illegal knee.  Not a very interesting round here. Johnson get this 10-9.

Round 5: Johnson got another take down here but Dodson returned the favor later in the round. Johnson got a bunch of nice shots here with some great punches and nasty knees. 10-9 Johnson.

My score: Close here but I have to give this one to Johson. I'm not sure how I would score it but maybe 48-47. 48-47, 49-46, 48-47 for Johnson. Good call there.

Overall thoughts: So so show. I found the main to be really boring and the Rampage match wasn't much better.

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