Thursday, January 10, 2013

TNA British Bootcamp Episode 3

TNA British Bootcamp Episode 3

My reviews of Episodes 1 and 2 are here:

Recap: All four head to a TNA Bound for Glory Fanfest. They get introduced and no one cares about Spud or Marty. The girls get all the photo requests until one girl asks to get a picture with Marty. Marty rubs it in Spud's face until Spud grabs a confused looking fan and gets him to take a picture with him. Also during this time, they meet Christy Hemme. Spud says that Marty tugs off to a photo of her above his bed every night, making quite the akward scene.

Following that, they go to the TNA Hall of Fame ceremony for Sting. They sit with Kurt Angle and he trades TNA trading cards with them. They then meet Hulk and Sting. Following that, they do a photoshoot. Spud complains about the girls taking forever and tries to shove a tripod in one of their butts. Then Marty gets his turn and Spud moons the camera. Naturally, they zoom in on it. Then they all pose together.

The last segment has them at TNA's Bound for Glory event. They sit in the front and don't know when the camera will be on them. During one match, they get some time and do typical stupid stuff on the camera like making the #1 gesture and blowing kisses. They talk about how great it was and get in a limo with Jeremy Borash to go meet Dixie, for the 3rd time.

The show cuts off here and they show clips from the next episode. Dixie complains about Marty chewing gum, saying it's not star like. I guess she's never watched a Ken Anderson match? They also show Marty finally making out with Hannah Blossom, fulfilling his wish.

Overall thoughts: Well, it wasn't great or anything but the 20 minutes went by fast. Then again, 20 minutes isn't a long time. Spud is really the only personality out of the group, but he's 5'3 and if TNA ever fires him, he's unlikely to ever work again in the US. I thought it was weird how JB seemed to be everywhere they were going to be. It's like he had some magical transporter. I also thought it was funny how they need to have 3 different meetings with Dixie in less than 2 shows. This episode was mostly nothing and there was really nothing to see.

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