Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sumo January Hatsu Basho Day 4

Sumo January Hatsu Basho Day 4

Day 3 is here: http://prowresblog.blogspot.com/2013/01/sumo-january-hasho-basho-day-3.html

How to watch:
Araibira's channel(Has all matches, no commentary) - http://www.youtube.com/user/araibira/videos?view=0
JasonsinJapan's channel(Top 6 matches plus commentary) - http://www.youtube.com/user/JasonsinJapan/videos
Japan Sumo Associations live stream(On very early in USA night until early USA mornings)(Use Windows Media Player) -

For more on each wrestler, their stats, tournaments and schedules check out:

Y = Yokozuna - 1st rank
O = Ozeki - 2nd rank
S = Sekiwake - 3rd rank
K = Komusubi - 4th rank
M and a number = Maegashira - 5th rank
J = Juryo = 6th rank and the top of the second division of sumo

Takanoyama(J5) vs Homarefuji(J8)
Both guys are 2-1 going into this.
Takanoyama was done from the start unfortunately. Homarefuji absolutely tossed him all around with ease to go to 3-1. Takanoyama goes to 2-2.

Jokoryu(J1) vs Wakakyou(J3)
 Jokoryu controlled this the whole time and threw his opponent to the side to go to 3-1, as expected.

Tochinowaka(M15) vs Sagatsukasa(J2)
They are both 2-2 all time against each other. Sagatsukasa is 3-0 going into this.

Tochinowaka got the win here in a good match. Sagat fought well and had a really low post to work from but the size difference was too much. Tochinowaka goes to 4-0.

Shotenro(M14) vs Takarafuji(M14)
Shotenro is 4-1 against Takarafuji.
Takarafuji barely escaped here to take the win. He had really good defense and was on the edge above, but he held on and Shotenro slipped.

Kitataiki(M10) vs Asahisho(M13)
Kitataiki is 1-0 against Asahisho. He is now at 2-0 against Asahisho as he got the win to go to 4-0.

Tochinoshin(M6) vs Yoshikaze(M8)
Tochinoshin is 10-4 against Yoshikaze.
Tochinoshin picked up a quick but not that easy win to go to 4-0. Both guys slipped all over the place but Tochi held on to take it. The size difference was just too much.

Gagamaru(M4) vs Aoiyama(M6)
They are 1-1 against each other and Aoiyama is 3-0 going into this. Gaga is 1-2 and could use a win.
These are two of the biggest guys in the top division going at it and two foreigners.
Gagamaru had the win from the start as Aoiyama couldn't get solid footing and constantly got pushed back.

Aminishiki(M1) vs Kakuryu(O)

Aminishiki wins! Second straight upset for him! He knocked off Ozeki Kotooshu on the first day and now his second Ozeki today! He goes to 2-2.

Kisenosato(O) vs Baruto(S)
Baruto is 19-5 against Kisenosato. Baruto really should get this one, but we will see.

Baruto wins to go to 2-2 and to go 20-5 against Kisenosato. Kisenosato just went at this all wrong. He went too high and he didn't charge like he should have. With Baruto's weak leg, a hard charge would have sent him down quick. Kisenosato goes to 2-2 in the first 4 days which is pretty awful for an Ozeki.

Kotooshu(O) vs Myogiryu(M1)
Kotooshu is 4-0 against Myogiryu.

Upset!! Myogiryu wins!!! A yokozuna yesterday and an Ozeki today!!!  Both men now at 2-2. Not a good one for the Ozeki's. Koto looked like he was sleeping through this. He just wasn't there.

Goeido(S) vs Kotoshogiku(O)
Kotoshogiku is 8-11 against Goeido and is 3-0 going into this.
Upset!!! Goeido takes down Kotoshogiku with force to win! Both men now are at 3-1!

Hakuho(Y) vs Toyonoshima(M2)
Hakuho is 21-3 against his opponent and is 2-1 going into this.
Hakuho wins. Don't mess with an upset Hakuho as he will make you pay, and Toyo really did with a nice leap. Hakuho goes to 3-1.

One question is whether Hakuho gave an extra push or not. Let's take a look:

Harumafuji(Y) vs Kyokutenho(M2)
Harumafuji is 3-0 going into this and is 15-6 against Kyokutenho.
Harumafuji slips and almost loses
Did he touch the dohyo?

Quick and high impact battle here with Haruma taking the win and going to 4-0. Haruma has to be the favorite at this point.

4-0: Harumafuji, Tochinoshin, Kitataiki and Tochinowaka.

3-1: Hakuho, Goeido, Kotoshogiku, Kaisei, Aoiyama, Takayasu, Chiyotairyu, Shotenro, Jokoryu and Takarfuji.

2-2: Kisenosato, Kakuryu, Kotooshu, Baruto, Tochiozan, Aminishiki, Myogiryu, Gagamaru, Masunoyama, Okinoumi, Wakanasato, Fujiazuma, Sadanofuji, Tamawashi, Takanoyama and Tamaasuka.

1-3: Shohozan, Toyonoshima, Kyokutenho, Aran, Ikioi, Tokitenku, Daido, Asahisho and Kotoyuiki.

0-4: Toyohibiki, Yoshikaze, Takekaze and Miyabiyama.

Overall thoughts: Fun day of sumo with a couple of nice upsets. The Yokozuna's matches were interesting and I really enjoyed today. The race is heating up here and the undefeated guys are dropping fast. Stay tuned for more tommorow!


  1. Nice gutty win by Baruto. Hope his knee holds out and he can get through.

    Is it just me or should Kotooshu an underachiever? He's so freaking tall, you'd think he'd just dominate a lot more than he does.

    Heh, I think the dude Hakuho fought today is shorter than me!

    I'm assuming sumo's way too traditional to use replay for those close decisions like the Baruto/Kisenosato or if Harumafuji's knee hit. They got both right, so better than the NFL!

  2. Hey Josh, this is my 5th time trying to comment back to you if you can believe it.

    Baruto's hanging tough and with the Ozeki doing terrible as a whole, he has a better shot.

    Kotooshu is indeed known to be an underachiever. He appears to be really happy with making kachi-koshi and he never really shows any fire. It's a shame as he has all the tools to make it.

    There is a new dude who just passed the entry exam who actually isn't even tall enough to get in, as they have height requirements. But, they let him stand on his tip toes(there's a photo of it) to get in.

    Yeah, no replay decisions unfortunately. They will show replays, but that's about it. They could have used one today as Kotooshu got screwed, but unless you saw via tv, you couldn't tell.