Friday, January 25, 2013

Sumo January Hatsu Basho Day 13

Sumo January Hatsu Basho Day 13

Sd42e  Orora (2-4) vs Sd44e  Kasugashima (2-4)
Ouch. Orora wins.
J5e Takanoyama (5-7) vs J11e Tokushinho (6-6)
Rough sumo by Toku to take the win. I always hate it when sumo's grab each other by the throat to win. Rough loss for Takano as he had no shot here at all.

J2e Chiyonokuni (8-4) vs J13e Takanoiwa (10-2)
 Nice win for Takano as he rushed his opponent and Chiyo never had a shot. Takano needs 1 more to win the Juryo division.

J1e  Jokoryu (9-3) vs J8e Chiyootori (8-4)
Decent win for Jokoryu as he stayed in control the whole time and took care of buisness.

M10e Kitataiki (6-6) vs M15e Tochinowaka (8-4)
Good match here with Tochino getting off balance and getting pushed out.

M7e  Takayasu (10-2) vs  S1w Baruto (7-5)
Baruto lost here unfortunately. He had the right idea but he backpedaled too much and stepped out. Poor Baruto has a long year ahead of him in hopes to get back up to Ozeki. I hope he takes the time off he needs.

O1e Kisenosato (10-2) vs Y1w Harumafuji (12-0)
Rough one for Kisenosato here as Haruma just had his number and pushed him out. A shame as a Kisenosato win really would have fired up this tournament.
Y1e  Hakuho (10-2) vs O1w Kakuryu (8-4)
Easy win for Hakuho as he rushed his opponent early and took him out. Rough basho for Kakuryu though who hasn't looked too great.

13-0: Harumafuji

11-2: Hakuho, Takanoiwa and Takayasu

10-3: Kisenosato and Jokoryu

8-5: Kakuryu, Kotooshu, Tochinoshin, Tochinowaka, Takarafuji, Tokitenku and Chiyotairyu.

7-6: Goeido, Baruto, Aoiyama and others.

6-6: Kotoshogiku and others.

5-7: Takanoyama and others

3-10: Toyohibiki

2-11: Shohozan

1-12: Miyabiyama

Overall thoughts: Harumafuji needs one more win to clinch tommorow against Kakuryu. I think he will clinch it. Hakuho has a rough one against Kisenosato tommorow that could be a problem for him. If he loses, he is totally out. Rough loss for Baruto, but he did better than expected and has nothing to be ashamed about. I have no idea what happened with Shohozan, but he is going to get a nasty demotion while Jokoryu and Takanoiwa get promotions.


  1. Yeah, the big fat guy (even by sumo standards) knew better than to get into a technical match with Takanoyama.

    My understanding is that it's not uncommon for rikishi newly promoted to Komosubi struggle, as you get pretty much the hardest schedule possible, but even so Shohozan's been a disappointment. That new gold mawaishi brought him no luck.

    Baruto needs to get a win either today or tomorrow, I believe, to get his 8 wins and (I believe) stay at Sekiwake. Fortunately he gets Kotooshu the day after the Bulgarian gets his 8th win...

    Baruto has got a big decision after this basho. My instinct says he should take a few tournaments off--that's probably his only hope of ever getting back to ozeki. Yes, he'll get demoted, but Baruto at near 100% is close to Yokozuna quality and should rampage back up, but Baruto at 60-70% will just be struggling to stay where he is and won't ever get back to Ozeki, and risks injuring himself to the point of having to retire.

    Takayasu's gonna get a big promotion. We'll see in March if he can hang with the elite.

    Kotoshogiku needs to win his last two for his winning record. He gets Aran today, both at 6-7. Kotosho better be looking out for the henka, as Aran's desperate.

  2. Yeah, the big guy had it from the start. Takano really struggles against the big boys.

    I thought Shohozan was going to have a decent tournament as he was really good during the last one getting a win over a yokozuna, but who knows. The next tournament is a new one I guess.

    I can't understand why Baruto didn't take this tournament off. I'm not sure of the official rules though.

    Taka is definitely the surprise of the tournament. Didn't see that one coming. I'm surprised at Tochinowaka too as I didn't think he'd do so well.

    Kotoshogiku was big disappointment this time, though Kisenosato did alot better than I expected.

  3. My understanding is that when an ozeki gets demoted, he gets one chance for immediate promotion if he gets 10+ wins. This is probably why Baruto gave it a go.

    Since he's not getting to ten, he's now going to be treated like any other wrestler attempting to get to ozeki. There's no absolute rule, but typically winning 30+ matches over 3 basho gets you there. So he's got a long road to get back, especially if he takes time off, as then he'll go down further.

  4. He's definitely got a long road back, plus a big hit in salary. Though, anyone in the top division is making either 6 figures or very near it.