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Sumo January Hatsu Basho - Day 2

Sumo January Hatsu Basho Day 2

Day 1 is here:

How to watch:
Araibira's channel(Has all matches, no commentary) -
JasonsinJapan's channel(Top 6 matches plus commentary) -
Japan Sumo Associations live stream(On very early in USA night until early USA mornings)(Use Windows Media Player) -

For more on each wrestler, their stats, tournaments and schedules check out:

Y = Yokozuna - 1st rank
O = Ozeki - 2nd rank
S = Sekiwake - 3rd rank
K = Komusubi - 4th rank
M and a number = Maegashira - 5th rank
J = Juryo = 6th rank and the top of the second division of sumo

Quick note that Orora is not wrestling today as he only has 7 matches. I think he will be back tommorow.

Osunaarashi(0-0) vs Chiyosakae (0-0)
Osunaarashi is Egypt's first ever sumo wrestler. He's on youtube and even has his email up if you want to chat with him. He seems like a cool dude and has some stories done on him so I thought I should cover him. He's in the 3rd division right now and last year he was in the 5th or so, so he is making waves. His name means "Great Sand Storm". He ran through his opponent today with some serious power and force to go to 1-0.

Ranbo vs Hayashi

I think I found a new favorite rikishi and his name is RANBO. Awesome name. He's down in the 5th division and he's probably going to stay there as Hayashi pushed him out with ease. He's only going to be having 7 matches and he's already 0-1, so not a good start for Ranbo.

Takanoyama(J5) vs Tenkaiho(J6)
Takanoyama lost after a long stall. This was one of the longer sumo matches I've seen at around a 1:10. Takanoyama just got overpowered here to go to 1-1.

Jokoryu(J1) vs Chiyonokuni(J2)
Jokoryu got the win here in an intense match to go to 1-1.

Tochinowaka(M15) vs Tamaasuka(M16)
Tochinowaka took this one and just overpowered his opponent. He goes to 2-0.

Gagamaru(M4) vs Tochinoshin(M6)
Gagamaru took a dirt bath as Tochinoshin pushed him down from above quickly.

Aoiyama(M6) vs Masunoyama(M7)
Great match here with Aoiyama overpowering Masunoyama with slaps and then Masuno losing his footing and falling.
Ikioi(M5) vs Aran(M4)
Ikioi tossed Aran by his belt to get the win.

Kisenosato(O) vs Kyokutenho(M2)
Sato is 11-9 against Tenho.  He's now 12-9 as Kyokutenho got pushed out quickly as they moved around the edges.

Baruto(S) vs Kotoshogiku(O)
Baruto needs to get 10 to go back to Ozeki and he's going for 2-0 here.
Baruto was off balance from the start due to his injured knee and lost quick here. Not a good loss for Baruto here as he's going to have to beat the other Ozeki and Yokozuna to go to 10 wins. He pretty much has to win all against non-Ozeki or Yokozuna to stay in there.

Kotooshu(O) vs Shohozan(K)
Kotooshu is 1-2 against Shohozan.
Huge size difference here
Shohozan kind of beat himself here as Kotooshu took the thrusts and took him down by the shoulders. Rough start for Shohozan at 0-2 but a good one for Kotooshu at 2-0.

Tochiozan(K) vs Kakuryu(O)
Kakuryu is 13-11 against Tochiozan. Tochiozan got the upset here to go 1-1.

Hakuho(Y) vs Aminishiki(M1)
Hakuho has the 26-4 advantage over Aminishiki.
Hakuho got the easy win here throwing Aminishiki down. Hakuho was a little off balance and the right move by Aminishiki might have put him down. Hakuho goes to 2-0.

Harumafuji(Y) vs Myogiryu(M1)
Myogiryu is 2-3 against Fuji and has a decent chance.
Harumafuji got the win here with a slap behind the head and on the backside to take it. It only went 4 seconds.

2-0: Hakuho, Harumafuji,Kisenosato, Kotooshu, Kotoshogiku, Aoiyama, Kitataiki, Tochinoshin, Chiyotairyu, Shotenro, Tochinowaka. From the juryo division(2nd division): Sagatsukasa, Tokushoryu, Oiwato, Kyokushoho and Takanoiwa remain undefeated.

1-1: Kakuryu, Goeido, Baruto, Tochiozan, Toyonoshima, Kaisei, Gagamaru, Ikioi, Sadanofuji, Jokoryu and Takanoyama amongst others.

0-2: Shohozan, Aminishiki, Aran, Kyokutenho, Toyohibiki, Takekaze, and Daido amongst others.

Day 2 thoughts: Not a super interesting day here. Baruto's match was the most interesting for me as he needs every win he can get. Don't be fooled by Shohozan though as he had two really hard matches in the first day. Watch out for Aoiyama as he's off to a 2-0 start along with Tochinowaka. Not much else to say yet because it is so early but Day 3 should make more changes in the rankings!

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