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Strikeforce 1/12/2013 Review

Strikeforce 1/12/2013 Review

Prelim results
The Rules

KJ Noons vs Ryan Couture
 Round 2: 10-9 Noons here. He recovered well from the cut and went at it hard.
Round 3: Noons had the more complete game here and looked in control so 10-9 Noons.

Judges -29-28 Couture, 30-27 Noons, 29-28 Couture. Ryan Couture wins.The announcers didn't like this and I didn't either.

Ron Kruck is your lead announcer
Along with Pat Miletech and Frank Shamrock

Catchweight - 194lbs - Ronaldo Jacare Souza vs Ed Herman
Round 1
The fight got stopped due to upkicks from Herman, then they resumed.
The finish
Jacare took Ed down and put the kimura on him for the win quick.

The finish
Good and dominating fight by Jacare. No contest here at all.

Light Heavyweight - Gerard Mousasi vs Mike Kyle
Round 1

The finish
The finish

Gegard Mousasi got the win in 4:09. This was a total domination. Gegard took him down, beat him up and choked him out. No doubts about it.

"It's the end of this chapter and I'll move onto better things. It's a difficult fight because he'll bring the fight and he always does. I'm gonna implement my game plan and fight in the positions I always fight." - Daniel Cormier
Heavyweight - Josh Barnett vs Nandor Guelmino
"I'm going to name my kid that." - Shamrock
"He looks like he ran into a lawnmower." - Shamrock
Round 1
The finish
Josh Barnett got the win about 2 minutes in with a choke with the arm. He took him down and finished him super fast. Really not much to comment on here but Barnett said he was sick and wanted to win quick.
"You get in there and you either die like a man or leave your opponent dead." | "It's always pro wrestling here, Pat. I live to entertain the crowd." | "I have no idea where I'm gonna end up at this point." | "Run cowards, you can hide behind any fence in the world but I will take your head." - Josh Barnett
Great promo by Josh Barnett.

Heavyweight - Daniel Cormier vs Dion Staring
"The more you sweat, the less you bleed." - Dion Staring

"The fight's gonna take place wherever I decide it's gonna take place." - Daniel Cormier

Round 1

10-8 Cormier for me. He rode him, GnP'd him and should have finished him.

Round 2
Total whooping here which the ref stopped.
Cormier looked good but he should have stopped this sooner and had multiple chances to finish.
"April 27th, UFC on Fox, you and me, Frank Mir. Let's do it." - Daniel Cormier

Welterweight Title - Nate Marquardt vs Tarec Saffiedine
"I would love to finish with a TKO." - Tarec
"I gotta bring my A game to beat this guy." - Nate

Round 1
Not a real exciting round here. Saff 10-9 because he sent Nate on his butt.

Round 2

Another very boring round. 10-9 Saff from blocking a takedown and getting some nice low kicks in.
Round 3
10-9 Saff. He got tons of low kicks in and Nate had nothing for them. They didn't even bother with highlights.

Round 4
Antoher 10-9 round for Saff. Total destruction of the leg here and Nate had nothing to answer with.
Nate Marquardt's leg

Round 5
Again, 10-9 Saff with a takedown as well.
Judges 50-47, 49-46 for Terac Saffiedine.
Not that great of a fight but the leg kicks were fun.
"It's unreal." - Terac
"It's the pinnacle of my career and you know, it's time." - Scott Coker

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