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Hailey Hatred vs Yui Yokoo
This is Yui Yokoo's debut.
The finish

Hailey Hatred got the win in 8:30 with a kick to the face. They showed about half of it. The announcers mentioned Yui being inspired by All Japan Pro Wrestling. She has a charm about her and seems to have some of the basic ideas of wrestling down, but she does bump and make expressions like a comedy wrestler. We will see what happens though. She's tall, lanky and akward but her height will always advantage her. Hailey wasn't really into this and it was just really basic stuff.

Eri Susa and Miho Wakizawa vs Kellie Skater and Mayu Iwatani
I'm not a SHIMMER fan and not very interested in this one.
Don't know, don't want to know.
The finish
Miho got the pin on Mayu in 9:00. When Miho Wakizawa is the best person in the match, you got problems. She was actually okay here though and I liked her delayed german. Lots of dumb comedy in this though and I don't know why Mayu took the fall. Skater might as well have not even been here, because she didn't do a thing.

Kairi Hojo and Natsumi Showzuki vs Saki Kashima and Act Yasukawa
They did some kind of baseball dance/pose thing before the match
The pin
Kairi Hojo got the pin at 10:11. Very clipped but it looked like fun. Nice pace here and the faces seemed to be having a good time. Kairi Hojo should be another one to watch in 2013 as she seems to be developing nicely and is getting a personality to go with everything else. Rating:**3/4

Io Shirai vs Kyoko Kimura
Io's put on some weight.
The finish
Kyoko Kimura won with a  yakuza kick at 13:04. They clipped this one unfortunately. Looked like a great match. Io really improved after her Mexico trip and looked super inspired here. Watch for her in 2013 as she should have some amazing stuff. This was really good with a nice pace, lots of kicks to the head and high flyin. I hated the interference by Hailey, but the rest was good. These two need to have a longer match in the main sometime to show what they can really do, because they are a good match for each other. Rating:***1/2

STARDOM Tag Titles - YOSHIKO and Natsuki Taiyo vs Yuhi and Hiroyo Matsumoto
There's a mix of people I really like here and Hiroyo Matsumoto(She's just ok.). I'm interested in seeing what Yuhi/Taiyo work like together but I'm worried that this one will be a little bit of a styles clash.
Natsuki Taiyo got the win on Yuhi with a Single Spanish Fly. Really good match here with a super fast pace. This one had everything. Some big moves, high flying and lots of nasty stiff shots all around. I swear, Taiyo is so fast she oughta be getting tickets. This was a great match and well worth a look.this is what makes joshi great. Rating:***3/4

STARDOM Title - Nanae Takahashi vs Yuzuki Aikawa
Nanae got the win here at 20:50 with a wrist clutch emerald fusion. Good match here with good heat. Yuzupon was pretty stiff but her offense was a little limited. Nanae did some different strikes than usual but almost all of them looked like they hurt her worse than her opponent. I did like Yuz's endless axe kick display and some of the other strikes. Overall it was good and a nice main event. Rating:***1/4

Overall thoughts: Pretty good show with the last 3 matches being very good. Well worth a look!

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