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Ring of Honor TV 1/26/2013 Review

Ring of Honor TV 1/26/2013 Review

They had security down there for a face to face confrontation with Kevin Steen and Jay Lethal. Strangely enough, the same group that does Kevin Steen's music also does Lethal's.
Rhino came down with SCUM.
"I asked you out here to ask you like a man if you would accept my challenge for that Ring of Honor World Title." - Jay Lethal
"Jay Lethal, this is the ROH world champion. I thought your beautiful mother would have taught you alot more respect than that." - Corino
"You don't understand. Your mother got spit on, because your father, that ingrate, threw water on Kevin Steen when in fact he should have thrown in towel." - Corino, who my friend John agrees with on Lethal's family starting this whole mess.
"Your biggest challenger is challenging you for the Ring of Honor world title and you're telling the world that you are too scared." - Lethal
"Me and you need each other. I need you to win the Ring of Honor world title and you need me, you need to stick it to Ring of Honor and what better way to stick it to Ring of Honor than to defeat one of the most honorable men, me." - Lethal
"Until you beat me, you ain't $hit." - Lethal
"I accept." - Steen
"Roddy, I've been waiting for this moment since Final Battle. This time it's 2 out of 3 falls. You cheated me once, but do you really think you can beat me twice? There's not a chance." - Michael Elgin
"The Poonani Predator is back. Thank you Kevin Kelly and thank you Mr. Funny looking commentator man." - Truth Martini

Silas Young vs Adam Page
"Only a real man can wear a mustache like that." - Truth Martini
Streamer attack!
"2013 Prospect tournament. This is what it's all about." | "The hoopla never dies." | "To all my hoopla hotties, send me a message at TruthMartini."  - Truth Martini
"I saw Silas Young looking at the boys in the back with their twitters and facebooks. He said, he won't bring his cell out because real men don't do that." - Truth
"Oh My God, are you kidding me? He backdropped him all the way to the floor." - Truth
"That my friend is professional wrestling. That my friend is what Ring of Honor is all about." - Truth Martini
"Look at that kid! He's going for it all." - Truth Martini
The finish
Silas Young won with a sitting full nelson stretch hold. Really good match here that totally surprised me. I didn't know either of these guys and have low hopes, but this was truly good stuff. The heat was there, the announcers were very good and the work was good as well. Young took a nasty backdrop to the floor that looked like it hurt bigtime and I really liked Page following it with his SSP.  Young really came out of this looking like a million bucks and Page definitely gave me some reminders of Adam Cole here. Overall, this is definitely worth a look. Rating:***1/4

Charlie Haas came out:
"Now I see why Ray Lewis is gonna quit football. Or maybe just like each and every one of you, he's just a big pu**y." | "Keep throwing stuff and I'll come out there and slap you right out of the arena." - Charlie Haas
He talked about ROH threatening to censor him and telling him things he couldn't do:
"Censor that b!tch." - Charlie Haas
"What on God's green earth are you doing? This is my time. Get your a$$ up boy. Get in the ring." - Charlie Haas
"What's your name?"
"My name is Brendell."
"Look at you, your name should be hungry." - Haas
"Everytime I look at you, I want to eat a cheeseburger. Actually, right now, your new name is cheeseburger." - Charlie Haas | "Well, his mother didn't name him cheeseburger." - Kevin Kelly
Haas gets TP'd.
A fan flips the bird.
Brendell announced he was a member of the ROH dojo.
"Alright, so tonight, Charlie Haas vs Cheeseburger, right now. One on one." - Haas, as he gets TP'd again!
"Cheeseburger! Cheeseburger!" - The fans | "They're chanting cheeseburger in Baltimore!" - Kevin Kelly
"Good God Almighty, he just slugged that kid 20 feet across the ring." - Kevin Kelly

"Stop this." - Kevin Kelly

Rhett Titus vs Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy got the win in a short but decent match here against the injured Titus. Hardy controlled most of this aside from a small Titus comeback but both men looked good. Titus really looks like Chris Hero these days.

ROH Television Title - Adam Cole vs BJ Whitmer
Matt Hardy came to the booth.
"BJ's a heck of a guy, a good talented guy. He's gonna be a good middle of the card guy." - Matt Hardy
"I'm not the cancer, I'm the cure. I'm here to put Ring of Honor on the map." - Hardy
The finish
Adam Cole got the win with the Florida Key in a pretty good match. It had some nice heat and the crowd was into it. Cole also showed alot more maturity and came across like he was tough and a threat, which hasn't been highlighted alot. BJ took lots of bumps and overall it wasn't bad. Rating:**3/4

After the match, Hardy stared down Cole:

Overall thoughts: Fun show with pretty much everything having a purpose and being good. This is one of the best episodes of ROH yet!


  1. Yes, this week ROH was very good. Silas Young looks great in his match. However, I think and I hope Tadarius Thomas will win tournament.
    thanks for the review.