Sunday, January 6, 2013

DDT 12/23/2012 - Kenny Omega vs El Generico

DDT 12/23/2012 - KO-D Openweight Title - Kenny Omega vs El Generico

"Do you want to be the next challenger, motherf****r?" - Kenny Omega"
"Si, I choose you Kenny Omega." - El Generico

The finish
Kenny Omega beat El Generico with a One Winged Angel. They mostly behaved themselves here and didn't get too wild like I'm sure they were tempted to do. But, it's still these two and you know it means a lot of headdrops and 2.9's. They started off with technical stuff that I liked and shaking hands. Why are they shaking hands when Kenny Omega called El Generico a M-F'er is beyond me. Then, Kenny slapped Generico and the friendship stuff was over. Then it seemed like they just pressed a button to say, hey, let's get to what we really came to do, and the big spots started from there. I did like the tease to the Brainbuster and the heat was there, but it was mostly just moves. The finish was out of nowhere and really didn't do it for me, but at least they didn't get too wild for it. If you like these two, you will probably love this and even if you don't like these two, it's more tolerable than you would expect. Rating:***

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