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BJW 12/9/2012 - Selected Matches

BJW 12/9/2012 - Selected Matches

I tried to review the Hama/Sasaki match but there were errors and I couldn't get past the 7 minute mark.

Masashi Takeda vs Takumi Tsukamoto

 Masashi Takeda beat Takumi Tsukamoto with a german suplex. I wasn't really impressed with this one. Too many light tubes which I'm now immune to and not enough of anything else. I was really looking forward to seeing Takumi possibly hammer the spikes above onto Takeda, but that never happened. Not much to this match at all and a disapointing one for these two. Rating:*1/2

Isami Kodaka, Yuko Miyamoto and Jaki Numazawa vs Jun Kasai, Shadow WX and Shuji Ishikawa
It appears that each member of the team comes in at different time intervals. So it starts out 1 on 1, then 2 on 1 and 2 on 2 and so forth.

Gusset plates!
Jun Kasai beat Jaki Numazawa with a Pyramid Driver on the chairs at around 10 minutes. Nothing too interesting here. The idea was good but the execution was bad. Usually, you try to have the teams really use their extra person advantage, but there was little of that here. This was just a basic and mostly-mailed in BJW match that could have been a lot more. Rating:*

BJW Deathmatch Title - Abdullah Kobayashi vs Ryuji Ito
There's all kinds of toys here. Light tubes, barbed wire boards, kenzan's, spikes and concrete blocks amongst other things.

Abdullah Kobayashi has a kenzan in his head
Ryuji Ito gets a syringe
Yep, Abdullah Koabayashi has TWO syringe's in his mouth this time.
Abdullah Kobayashi won with an elbow and a light tube off the top rope. Decent match. Some good points but some dumb points as well. The spikeboard broke and all of the pieces came out. They stuck out through the front and back and Abby still did the elbow onto them. He also gave a piledriver to Ito on the spike when they were broken and ended up sitting on them himself.  Lots of wild spots here and about what you would expect from these two. Rating:***

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