Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bellator 85 1/17/2013

Sorry guys, I am a little rushed with the end of Impact and the start of Bellator so I missed a tiny bit of the first round.

Featherweights - Patricio Pitbull Friere vs Pat Curran
Round 1:
Extremely boring first round with Friere possibly getting the edge on low kicks. 10-9 Friere.

Round 2:
I think Pat Curran got round 2 at 10-9 for busting open Pitbull and hitting a nice kick.

Round 3: They clashed heads at one point but this was all stand up. Pitbull got a little bit more in so I would give this one to him. Lots of jabs here. Pitbull had a great kick too. Pittbull 10-9.

Round 4:
Curran gets this round from me due to his punches and defense. Curran 10-9.
I have this at 38-38 at this point just as the announcer did in a neat twist.

Round 5:
Close 5th round with Pitbull flurrying at the end.
I think Freire got the last round 10-9, which would make it 48-47. It's really close though and you can go either way really easy. The last half of the last round was good but the rest wasn't very interesting.

The judges had 48-47 Pitbull, 48-47 Curran and 48-47 Curran.

Light Heavyweight - Renato Babalu Sobral vs Mikhaily Zayats
Round 1:
Mikahil Zayats got the win out of nowhere with a uraken spinning backfist into a GnP combo for the win:
Good and surprising win here for zayats. Loved the uraken!
"When I saw him kind of wobbling, I hit the backfist and got on him from there." - Zayats | " I respect my opponent and now I know I have alot of work ahead of me." - Zayats

"I looked at my right leg, it was some zombie shit. Straight up." - King Mo on his injury
Bellator Lightweight Title - Michael Chandler vs Rick Hawn

Round 1:
10-9 Chandler. He controlled the first four minutes and looked dominating. Hawn made a comeback in the last minute to spice things up though.

Round 2:
Chandler won here with a throw and then a choke in dominating fashion.
I don't think there was 5 seconds Chandler wasn't in control.

Light Heavyweight - Seth Petruzelli vs Jacob Noe
Seth Petruzelli said his nickname was the Silverback and he had a small penis. I think I must have mssed something there.
Round 1

Noe took this quick here with a TKO by punches. What else can you say really? This was a quick whooping.

Overall thoughts: Well, I thought the opening fight was boring but the rest were all pretty good.

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