Friday, January 25, 2013

AJPW 1/2/2013 - Shuji Kondo vs Hiroshi Yamato

AJPW 1/2/2013 - AJPW Junior Title and GHC Junior Title Shuji Kondo vs Hiroshi Yamato

TARO recommended me checking this one out. He had a good match with Super Dragon once and hey, it's Shuji Kondo, so here we go:

2013 Lariat of the Year Award - Shuji Kondo
The finish
Shuji Kondo got the win with a lariat here. Good match here. The crowd was into it, Kondo was his usual great self and Mr. Yamato took a nice whoopin'. Kondo threw two awesome lariats that you can see above here.  Yamato didn't get much in, but Kondo has enough awesome offense for 3 men, so it's cool. Don't miss Yamato getting DDT'd to the floor either. The sound it made was nasty. This was a fun juniors match and had some nice moments. Rating:***1/2

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