Saturday, January 26, 2013

AAA 9/6/2009 - Evans/Elegido/Gronda vs Groond/Nicho/Lider

AAA 9/6/2009 - Jack Evans, Elegido and Gronda II vs Groond XXX, Nicho el Millonario and Joe Lider

Jack Evans is a breakdancer and a crazy highflyer, Elegido is a stripper and Gronda II is a ripoff of Groon XXX and is a basically a steroided up devil. Groond XXX was the original steroided up devil, but he changed companies and his name, so now he has a doppelganger. Nicho is the former original Psicosis of WCW and WWE fame and Joe Lider is an indyriffic wrestler.

Groond XXX comes out to a mix of The Ultimate Warrior's music with Roadwarrior Hawk's "Oh what a rush" line on repeat.

The finish
Joe Lider got the win for his team with a backcracker on Elegido. This wasn't good at all and was a spotfest with pauses for certain steroided up wrestlers to catch their breath. But it did keep my attention and Evans was pretty good. The Gronda vs Groond XXX exchanges weren't very good looking though.

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