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WWE Tribute to the Troops 12/19/2012 Review

WWE Tribute to the Troops 12/19/2012 Review

This will be my 11th hour of WWE programming since Sunday with another two hours to go after doing NXT, Superstars and Saturday Morning Slam. No regrets though as its mostly been decent.

Obama delivered a message, you know the deal.

Sheamus & Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler & Big Show
Funny how Orton's here considering he went AWOL...
The heels tried to walk out early until Booker said they would restart the match. Cole said that the heels tried to go AWOL.
Orton's injury after hitting Big Show's arm during a shot
Sheamus won with the Brogue Kick. Nothing too special here but a decent match with really good heat. Show tied his shoes during a tag as he didn't want to fight Sheamus. Orton got injured after trying some punches on Show and I guess akwardly hitting one of his arms or something. Since this was taped, they played it up like Orton wanted to do this even though the Shield injured him. But, this happened before that. They went home soon after that happened. Rating:**

Layla was hit on by the muppets.
Flo Rida performed. This guy sold 70 million albums? I bet I could sell double that if people are buying his stuff.

Josh interviewed Cena about Tribute. Cena hit him in the chest to begin this for no apparent reason. This was just typical bs about how great this show and the audience is. He then hit him again in the arm for no reason. I bet Josh could take Cena.
Ryback vs Alberto Del Rio
Alberto Del Rio was singing happy birthday to Ricardo Rodriguez when Ryback rudely interrupted. These faces in the WWE. They couldn't be more unlikeable.
Ricardo jumped in and got the DQ win for Ryback for that. Ryback was feeling generous and gave Ricardo a Shellshock for his birthday. How sweet of him.  He then gave ADR one for absolutely no reason at all. ADR worked heel here which doesn't work since he's been a face. That will surely make sure he gets no face pops. Waste of time match and it made Ryback look like a huge jerk.
Kid Rock performed. Kid Rock sounds alot different than he used to in his Bawitdaba days.
Josh interviewed Fozzy the Bear and he said Kermit was nervous.

Stadler and Waldorf did their usual bit with one of them saying "I've got more liver spots than this" and "Their more entertaining too". Sorry if I messed the first part up.

MizTV with the Muppets
They did this on the stage so as not to expose the Muppets gimmick.
Miz quizzed Kermit about him and Miss Piggy. Kermit said "it's still don't ask don't tell". Kermit got pressed more and he said, "I thought you were a good guy now?". Miz then said, "I'm not a good guy, I'm not a bad guy, I'm awesome".
Miz tried to push them to marry until Sandow came in.
Sandow brought up them having an inter-speices marriage and said that the Miz used to be someone we respected. I don't know about that.
He said Miz should marry Miss Piggy because they are both obnoxious and overrated. She called Sandow a bearded weirdo and Miz decked Sandow.
The Miz vs. Damien Sandow
Miz won with the crucifix pin in a mostly nothing match. It was short and not too much to it. Sandow freaked out after and Miz made out with Miss Piggy.
Team Hell No wanted to team alone but since they had to choose someone, they chose Little Jimmy. However, Truth said that Jimmy's cousin Little Frida is getting married and he had to go to that. Therefore, Truth will be their partner.

DB then argued with the Muppets until the goat muppet said "Cousin Daniel".
Kane & Daniel Bryan & R-Truth vs. Drew McIntyre & Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal
Truth got the win here with a jumping STO which they called "The Little Jimmy". This wasn't that great. Pretty short and not that interesting.
Cesaro said Switzerland was neutral and doesn't stick its nose where it doesn't belong, and that's why it is the best country in the world.

Cena saluted Sam the Eagle.

John Cena vs. Antonio Cesaro
Cena won with the AA. Cesaro basically got jobbed here as he controlled things until Cena made his comeback and ended it without any struggle. this has been an awful week for Cesaro.

Cena thanked everyone and gave a bs speech after about how they care so much about the troops.

Overall thoughts: I've never been a fan of Tribute to the Troops and tonight was no different. No one really did more than they had to in their matches and the focus was not on wrestling. Skip it.

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