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WWE TLC 2012 Review

WWE TLC 2012 Review
"I just can't get the image of Show smirking at me outta my head." - Sheamus
"You want that smirk off? Beat it off with this." - Booker T
They gave out Slammy's early:

WWE Best Dancer of the Year: Brodus Clay
WWE Social Media Ambassador of the Year - Charlie Sheen Exclusive Video of the year: Jerry Lawler
 Crowd chant of the year: Feed Me More
For the insult where he said Dolph was looking for his nuts
For White Noising Big Show

For turning on Cena earlier in the year

Pre-Show - Santa's Little Helper Battle Royale for #1 Contendership to the WWE Diva's Title - Tamina vs Kaitlyn vs Layla vs Rosa Mendes vs Aksana vs Cameron vs Naomi vs Natalya

The finish

Naomi eliminated Kaitlyn to win. Eve slapped Kaitlyn and took her attention and thats when Naomi dropkicked her out of there. Not good but it wasn't meant to be. The crowd didn't really care but atleast they were going somewhere with this. I didn't have any problem with it.

They rang the bell 26 times in honor of the Connecticut deaths to begin the show.

Tables Match for #1 Contendership to the WWE Tag Team Championship - Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes
Rhodes Scholars got the win after pushing Cara off the top rope through a table on the outside. Pretty decent match here with the typical moves by the faces. This was more of a brawl and the tables weren't too big of a factor. Nothing wrong with this at all. Rating:**

WWE United States Championship - Antonio Cesaro vs R-Truth
"R-Truth says you kick my dog, I'll kick your cat." - Cole
"Little Jimmy allergic to cats? What'd the cat do?" - JBL
"He carries a satchel. Michael's is a purse." - JBL on Cesaro and Cole

Cesaro won with the Gotch-Style Neutralizer. Okay match but not great. Maybe better than expected though and nothing was bad here. Rating:**1/4
"Unlike America, I am true international superpower. I am the greatest United States champion in history. Therefore, by booing me, you are booing your own country. Which is very appropritate since you have no respect for your own country, fellow citizens or yourselves." - Cesaro
3MB came out and said they were going to perform live. They then went after the Spanish announcers and said they speak American. Ricardo tried to stop this, then got threatened then ADR made the save and got beaten up.

Miz then saved ADR and 3MB challenged Miz and ADR to a match. Miz and ADR had to find a partner.
"We will find a partner and it will be awesome." - Miz
"How are these two gonna get along? They better find Dr. Shelby." - JBL
They did a promo saying Rock would be at the Rumble.

"If there's one thing I cant stand, its when people say the same thing over and over again." - DB
"We will burn the shield down." - Kane
"He's a cat that does not have 9 lives and tonight he will be neutered by the great Barrett Barrage." - Wade

WWE Intercontinental Championship - Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett
"You could go bowling with his boogers." - King on Wade's nose

Kofi got the win when he reversed a bull hammer into a Trouble in Paradise kick. Good match here but a little short for these two. Kofi looked good as usual and Wade looked much better as well. Good stuff here and surprised to see Wade take the loss. Rating:**1/2
"Each and every single one of you just like Ryback is dumb. Ryback is dumb and lucky. He's dumb because he injured me so I can't compete for the title tonight and heas lucky because he injured me so I can't compete for my title tonight." - Punk
"I would have broken every chair this place has to offer. I would have smashed him through every single table in New York." - Punk
Punk said people wanted status reports and Paul said, "Faggheddabouttit". Punk then ripped on NY. He also ripped on Ryback and stated again that he has no affiliation with the Shield. Today is day 392 of Punk's title reign.

TLC Match - Team Hell No and Ryback vs The Shield
"Daniel Bryan won best facial hair?" - King
"That's like giving 3MB the best rock band award." - JBL
"Daniel Bryan looks like someone shot him with hair from a shotgun." - JBL
The Shield came out through the stands.

The fnish

The Shield won this after a powerbomb through a table. Seth took a huge bump off of a big ladder through tables. one person got put through the rail. Awesome match here. Tons of big spots, lots of big bumps and really good work all around. Possibly a late MOTYC. I loved this! Must see! Rating:****1/4

Divas Title - Eve vs Naomi
Eve won with a neckbreaker. Good divas match here. Naomi looked great and jumped around alot. She brought much needed energy and the crowd even got into this. Good stuff. Rating:**1/2

"The smartest thing Sheamus could have done is violate the no contact clause and hit me as hard as he could."
"What do you think my hands can do when they're holding a steel chair? Sheamus' irish eyes won't be smiling, they're gonna be closed shut." - Show

Chairs Match for the World Heavyweight Championship - Big Show vs Sheamus

Big show got the win with a GIANT chair shot. Pretty good match here. The crowd was into it and they hit each other with chairs. Sheamus hit the cool White Noise through two chairs as well. Very good match. Rating:***1/4

Cena told AJ to thank him at the end of the night after he wins for helping her.

3MB vs Alberto Del Rio, Miz and The Brooklyn Brawler

"Harvey Wippleman is watching somewhere and is extremely jealous." - JBL
"Don't forget Kim Chee or Kamala. What about Abe Knuckleball Schwartz?" - JBL
"Brooklyn Brawler wins." - Cole
"Brooklyn Brawler wins. What? Say that again." - JBL

The Brooklyn Brawler got the win with the Boston Crab. Figures since he was the Boston Brawler that one time. Quick comedy match here that was just meant to be a break and entertain. I enjoyed this and the commentary was hilarious for this. I also appreciated the Abe Knuckleball Schwartz namedrop as I may be his only fan, ever.

Ladder Match for Dolph's MITB contract: John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler
They made it very clear that this is a contract only for the World Heavyweight title

"You gotta love this Brooklyn crowd, they'd boo Santa Claus." - King

Cena got his right eye cut open during the beginning here but it didn't stop the match.

Dolph got the win when AJ turned on Cena and Dolph got the briefcase. Very good match here with great heat. The crowd was thrilled to see Dolph win and I was too. This may cement Dolph finally. Not that crazy of a TLC match but it was enough. Good work by both guys and a nice match. Rating:***1/2

Overall thoughts: Awesome show! Really good stuff all around and no bad matches. Nice heat and some clever finishes. Great show and must see!

Stay tuned for RAW tommorow and possibly the ROH iPPV?

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