Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WWE Superstars 5/31/2012 Review

WWE Superstars 5/31/2012 Review

This one is a blast from the not so distant past. Yoshi and Drew vs Christian is on here so I thought I'd check it out.
Beth Phoenix vs Alicia Fox
Beth Phoenix beat Alicia Fox with the Glam Slam. Very good match here. Beth worked on Fox's back the whole match until Alicia made a good comeback and Beth finished her off. Good emotion by both girls and a fun and sensical match. Rating:***
"Come on Layla." - Beth
Tensai vs Alex Riley
"The writing on Tensai's face stands for dedication, intensity. The way he lives by, the samurai spirit." - Scott Stanford

Tensai won with a Baldo Bomb and a senton. Not that good unfortunately. Riley got squashed like a grape and couldn't show a thing.

"On your knees." - Tensai
Jinder Mahal vs Yoshi Tatsu

"Yoshi is always a roundhouse kick away from victory." - Josh Matthews

Jinder got the win here with a Camel Clutch. Sadly, this was just a squash and Yoshi got little in. I've been in the mood for some Yoshi but it wasn't happening here and 7 months later in December 2012, it's even worse.

Christian vs Drew McIntyre

Christian won the frog splash in a really good match. Not surprising of course. Drew hit some nice moves, Christian took some good bumps and they turned a match on a c-show into a main event match. Great stuff here and well worth a look. Rating:***1/2
Overall thoughts: Two ***+ matches make this a good Superstars. The opener and the main are worth your time and I enjoyed this one.

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