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WWE Super Smackdown Live 12/18/2012 Review

WWE Super Smackdown Live 12/18/2012 Review

Last week's show is here: http://prowresblog.blogspot.com/2012/12/wwe-friday-night-smackdown-12142012.html

We opened up with MizTv.
Miz asked AJ "Why?" and she said to ask "John Cena why he toyed with my heart?". She said she lost her job because of trying to keep Cena's name clean.
"John Cena just wanted to play with my heart and my emotions".
AJ then said she made the bows that Vickie found weeks ago that Cena said were crap and wrong. She said, "You think John Cena appreciated how long it took me to make those bows? John Cena doesn't care about anyone or anything but himself".  She was also mad at Cena not letting her come out to the ring with him two weeks ago, because she said he just wanted to keep her "at arms length and hidden".

"John Cena broke my heart, so I helped Dolph Ziggler break John Cena" - AJ
"This is my friend Big E. Langston. He doesn't like it when people use that word(crazy) around me." - AJ
"When we talk John Cena, it's just like my shirt says Miz. I stole the show and his girlfriend." - Dolph
Big E then dropped Miz with a Big Ending.

"He's trouble dog." - Booker
"But he's got a great social media following". - Teddy
Teddy talked to Booker backstage and tried to get Booker to give him a chance. Read the quote for why Booker should sign him. Hilarious.

Booker agreed to a match but he wouldn't say who until match time.

Damien Sandow vs Sin Cara
They played Rey's music but he never showed.

Sandow won with a terminus after The Shield came down with Rey's mask and distracted Cara. Decent match here, but the finish kind of sucked. Atleast it is leading somewhere. Cara looked good here on his own.

The Shield had Rollins dive on Cara's knee and it looks like there will be an injury angle.
Santino Marella vs Tensai
This is payback for the jokes at Tensai last night.

"Fat Albert huh?" - Tensai

Marella won after Tensai missed a senton. Fun match here with Santino getting the big win. Pretty entertaining and I liked them following up after last night and liked Santino using the cobra to get out of the sleeper. Rating:**

The announcers said that Sin Cara had "serious knee damage".

Tons of highlights from Raw on this show that served as commercial breaks basically.

"Kofi, it would be helpful if you grew eyes in the back of your head for tonight." - Kane

DB was upset about not getting a slammy and hearing that Flair had the best catchphrase instead of him from Kofi.

Kofi Kingston, Kane and Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett and the PTP's

Cole announced that Mysterio suffered a neck injury from a Shield attack.

Kane got the win for his team with a chokeslam on Young. Decent match here with some good work by each guy. They started working rest holds near the end of the match and one of the PTP's got pulled out leading to Young getting chokeslammed for the win. Rating:**3/4

Sheamus was going over different kinds of beers and Cena said Big E may be the strongest person in WWE. Mark Henry says hi.
Cena was supposedly telling Sheamus some odd things about AJ but then said he was kidding at the end. Sheamus asked, "Is that possible?". I kind of like Sheamus and Cena as buddies.

"I know, in 20 years, all the history books like Grays Sports Almanac are going to look at CM Punk as the greatest heavyweight champion of all time." - CM Punk quoting Back to the Future 2
"You guys probably enroll your kids in the teeball that doesn't keep score so that they don't have to feel like losers like their mommies and daddies." - Punk
"Yeah, yeah, laugh it up Punk. I'm sure those shoes you're wearing weren't tied by you." - Punk
"CM Punk is a winner. Ric Flair is a loser. Ric Flair has lost more title fights than he's won and if you've been paying attention, when it comes to title fights, CM Punk does not lose." - Punk
"Nobody else here is entertaining like those women Pittsburgh Penguins who go on strike." - Punk
Ryback then appeared.
"Punk is not medically cleared to compete." - Paul
"That's why I have my sights set on the first raw of the new year. Then I'll be the new champion." - Ryback
Ryback vs Antonio Cesaro
They said Ryback eats 8-10 heavy meals a day. Yeah right.
Cesaro lost via Shellshock. He took a nasty bump off a backdrop and I hope he's okay. Decent match but the wrong man won. This was all the Ryback show minus some rest holds.

"You do this over and over again. It makes it really hard to be your friend." - Kaitlyn
They got into a fight where Kaitlyn got slammed in a 7-UP machine.
Diva's title - Eve vs Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn won by DQ after Eve grabbed the ref's ankles. WHAT? Stupidest finish ever. Beyond stupid. How is that a DQ? A good match ruined by an awful finish.

AJ told Dolph that Kaitlyn started the fight and Show told Dolph if he tries to cash in tonight, "I will knock you so far in the future that by the time you wake up, your championship contract will expire". Big Show also said, "Cut the crap. You don't trust me and I don't trust you".

Brad Maddox vs Brodus Clay
He said no one would forget his name after tonight.

Clay won in quick fashion then got jumped and powerbombed by the Shield. This was all squash, for both incidents and there was nothing to see here. This has to be the last chance for Brad, right?

Dolph Ziggler and The Big Show vs Sheamus and John Cena
Raw on Christmas Eve is hosted by Santa Claus! Doesn't get any bigger than that.
Big Show did an irish jig at Sheamus that I wish I could have caught.

Decent Match with a bad finish as Big E ran in for the DQ and the Cena/Sheamus win. Nothing special here and they did their usual stuff until Big E Langston jumped in. The focus was mostly on AJ anyway. Sheamus and Show fought to the back during this.

Overall thoughts: Okay show with bad finishes. Nothing must see and nothing was really furthered besides the Shield. Skip this one.

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