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WWE Saturday Morning Slam 12/15/2012 Review

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 12/15/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

R-Truth and Josh Mathews are on commentary.

The Prime Time Players vs Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd
Kidd bridged out of a test of strength and then springboarded off the ropes to send Darren Young flying. The faces hit a double hiplock on Young then followed with a Gabriel standing moonsault. Gabriel tried to trip Titus but Titus wouldn't go down. Titus then caught him and did a big fallaway slam. The faces then took the advantage and dove on the heels to take us to the break.

Booker T did a don't try this at home commercial. I'd also recommend not trying anything he does as a GM as his decision making is flawed at best.

We came back with the heels cheating and in control. Titus did a big one arm slam on Kidd and missed a big football tackle into the corner. The faces then made their comeback with Gabriel hitting a blue thunder driver then an STO and a top rope moonsault before Tyson did a diving elbow for the win. Good match here, as per usual from Kidd and Gabriel. Gotta love these two.

They did a feature on JBL talking about Tribute to the Troops. They then followed with a feature on Ryback.

Ryback vs Yonnie Greeco and Robbie Matthews
The jobbers argued over who would attack first. The jobbers mostly bounced off Ryback here and one of them ate a nasty swinging side slam. The other one took a backpack stunner. Ryback piled them on top of each other and did a middle rope splash if you can believe it. One of the jobbers tried to escape but Ryback caught him and clotheslined him on the outside. Josh said "we're watching a destruction derby out here" and I'd agree. Ryback then did a double shellshock to call it a night. Total squash.

Overall thoughts: We got one good one and one that wasn't that good. I'd say skip this and watch last nights Superstars instead as Kidd/Gabriel had a better match there.

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