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WWE Monday Night Raw 12/3/2012 Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 12/3/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

Team Hell No vs The Prime Time Players
Kane and DB saw the Shield in the stands and tried to get them to come down and fight but no dice. Cole said that Vince may make a rare appearance.

Cole said this is is Kane's 899th match and he has competed in more matches than anyone else in WWE history.
The Shield split up during this, with each patrolling at different parts of the arena.
The Shield interfered but the ref counted DB's roll-up pin anyway in an odd call. After the match, they trapped Kane's arm behind the steps and powerbombed DB. The match was nothing and everything was focused on The Shield.

Sheamus and Cena then talked about tonight.

Tamina vs AJ Lee
King described the Cena/AJ kiss as fascinating.
AJ beat Tamina by a roll-up. This was a quick match in which AJ got nothing in until getting the roll-up.

CM Punk came out as the 7th longest reigning champion in history at I believe 379 days. They cut to commercial right after he came out.
They ripped on the WWE Encyclopedia, saying there isn't enough on Punk in it. Then they said he will surpass Cena tonight as the longest reigning champion of the modern era.

Punk said he didn't understand why he had to fight Ryback again when he beat him twice. He said it's because of the fans and people who turned their back on him. He went through all the excuses that people give for Punk being champ. Punk said people would have nothing to look forward to without him on "these dysmal 3 hour Monday Night Raw's".
Miz then interrupted. He said The Shield helped him keep his title. He said he wanted to prove Punk's credibility by challenging him to come on MizTV.
He asked Punk to take a lie detector test. He then called Heyman a "human walrus". A walrus chant then broke out. He must have said live mic a million times and he asked Punk to bring his best pipebomb. This took atleast 15-20 minutes and was clearly there to kill time.

Sheamus and John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler and Big Show
Sheamus supposedly told King than Show needs a high-five in the face with a steel chair.
Cole tried to hint that Dolph could cash in on Show tonight.
Show spears Sheamus
Cena beat Ziggler with an AA. Decent match but nothing really special. The finish was pretty cool though and the crowd was into it. Nothing wrong with this one. Cena and Sheamus did both of their finishers to end this one and Sheamus got busted open around the nose. Rating: **1/2

Damien Sandow came out:
He was offering more apprenticeships.
Sandow asked:
1 - H2O is the chemical formula for what?
2 - Who was the 1st president of the US?
3 - What famed English poet "much have I traveled in the land of gold?"

The guy asked "seriously?" then said he didn't know. Sandow said he won the idiot of the day award and won this quote" idiance is curable but stupidity is forever". He then said " I think you should be exiled from the USA". As far as I can tell, idiance isn't a word nor is it with another spelling.
Santino asked, "How many shells does she sell by the sea shore?" Sandow said the most common type of seasheel would be a bibel. Santino said the correct answer would be the bonkshell and then tried to hit him but Sandow got out.

Santino Marella vs Damien Sandow
King said that Santino won a power-walking contest in 1995 over a guy who won 5-years in a row. Cole then said it was between 8 co-workers.

Cole said Sandow was mad because the text message is 20 years old today.
Sandow won with the Terminus in a quick match with not much happening. Santino mostly brought the comedy but Sandow controlled almost all of this before getting the win. After the match, they announced tout contest to "Stump Sandow" and allowed people to submit their questions.
Dolph asked for another shot at Cena and Vickie said ok.

Then Vickie found Brad Maddox in her office. Brad said he was here to make sure nobody ever forgets the name Brad Maddox:
Maddox tried again to convince her and brought up her legacy of being a powerful woman in WWE. He called himself a youtube sensation and said Raw becomes great TV when he is on TV. Vickie agreed to a match tonight for Maddox's contract. Vickie said he will find out the opponent when he gets in the ring and she said it will be "great" TV, hinting for Khali. The camera man for him is Carson by the way.

Sin Cara vs Alberto Del Rio
Someone asked Rosa if he she like ADR and she said he was smart, good looking and athletic but they didn't go any further. Cole said that Rosa will wear the most enticing perfume - Cherry Blossom Vanilla. King said Rosa isn't good for a guy with heart problems.
ADR got the win with the cross armbreaker above. Good match here but last weeks was better. Lots of good lucha and some nice flying from Cara. ADR even went for the mask a few times which was a nice touch.Rating:***

Vince told a camera guy backstage that he wanted a convo with Vickie in the ring right now.

Vickie said they couldn't do a Zig/Cena TLC because there was nothing to hang. Vince then suggested hanging the MITB briefcase. Vickie brought up how this was unfair to Dolph because Dolph has nothing to win. Vince countered with the AJ scandal being unfair to everyone. Vince told Vickie to go and Vickie said Vince could be dismissed.

Vince then asked what if Punk was proven to be a liar tonight?
Vickie said if Punk is found lying, Heyman should be destroyed. The deal would be Ryback vs Heyman if Punk is lying and Vince said, "That's my girl! Vickie Guerrero". I LOVE the Vince/Vickie segments. They are absolutely hilarious because everyone plays their roles perfectly. Vickie tries to weasel out of booking matches unfavorable to her and Vince pushes her until she makes the right call. Great stuff.

Brad Maddox vs Randy Orton
No ring music for Brad.

Orton won in a quick squash and got hit by the Shield. Maddox jobbed quickly here looking like a goof then Orton got triple powerbombed.

Vickie was yelling at people in the back and Dolph said she's becoming just like him. Why doesn't he cash in MITB then he won't have it on the line?

Heyman then stared her down.
John said Vickie wanted to see him but they'd last less than Dolph Ziggler and the 5 moves of doom. He then applaued her for making a great match. He said when he gets the case he will become the champ.

Vickie said she found these in AJ's locker but Cena dismissed them as a hackjob.

R-Truth and Kofi Kingston Antonio Cesaro and Wade Barrett
Only Kofi got the entrance here.
Teddy came out and made this a 4 way. He said they will do a raw active vote right now to see whose title will be on the line.

US Title - Kofi Kingston vs R-Truth vs Antonio Cesaro vs Wade Barrett

Cesaro hits an awesome uppercut off a Kofi dive
Single leg big swing!

Cesaro won with the Gotch-Style Neutralizer. An awesome match. Tons of cool moves, a super fast pace and lots of good stuff all around. Cesaro looked awesome and Kofi looked really good too. I loved Cesaro picking up Kofi with the Karelin Lift then turning it into a Neutralizer there. Great match. Rating:***3/4

MizTV - CM Punk Lie Detector Test
Punk said "Miz sucks, am I lying?" Miz then said, "No, but your mom does".
Miz asked Punk a bunch of embarassing questions like did Rey shave your head and did you lose to Orton the year I main evented Wrestlemania. Walrus really caught on here with Miz calling Heyman, "Mr. Walrus".

Shield interfered before anything big was asked then Kane/DB and Ryback ran down and Ryback took out Punk with the 3 weapons of TLC. Good ending but it sucked if you wanted to see the lie detector.

Overall thoughts: Not a bad 3-hour show but it would have been much better as a 2 hour show. No real bad matches, Sandow was awesome and I liked the Vickie/Vince stuff. The 4-way was awesome and the ADR/Cara match was very good.

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