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WWE Monday Night Raw 12/17/2012 Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 12/17/2012 Review

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Tonight is the Slammy Awards.
Rey Mysterio vs Damien Sandow
Rey Mysterio got the win after a top rope splash. Very quick match here with not too much of note going on. Cara cheered Rey on and Cody was out there as well. Surprised to see Rey win so quick. Nothing really to see here with Rey hitting his rotating headscissors and Sandow hitting the Elbow of Disdain.

Booker T announced the "Tell Me I Did Not Just See That Award".
The Boogeyman returned and interrupted taking us to the break.

Tell me I did not just see that

"Ever since I was young I wanted to win a slammy." - Kofi
Brad Maddox came down and jumped the gun but ended up losing the award.

Eve vs Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn won out of nowhere ia a useless match. Eve was mad the whole time because Kaitlyn slapped her during the match and kept yelling "my face".  Eve got Kaitlyn with a corner sleeper and  Kaitlyn hit a move out of nowhere to win.
The New Age Outlaws announced the Comeback of the Year. Y2J, DX, King and Brock were up for it.

We then went to break without announcing a winner.

Lawler won here.
"I love you, it's great to be back." - King

Kofi Kingston vs Tensai
Kofi won in a complete waste of time match with a TIP kick. Tensai got a few headbutts in before getting pinned. Barrett attacked after and hit Kofi with a Bull Hammer and left.

Vickie came out for Kiss of the Year. The four choices featured AJ's kisses with Kane, Punk, DB and Cena. Clever and hard to believe AJ kissed so many people on TV this year.

AJ and Cena won. Vickie tried to make AJ explain her actions last night. AJ said she doesn't care what people think of her

Those two argued until Dolph interruped and got kissed by AJ. Vickie screamed "NOOOOOOOOOO" and ran off mad.

The Great Khali vs David Otunga

Khali won with the brain chop. Nothing to see here at all. Otunga worked the knee and got slapped a few times before the chop. Nattie dances with Khali after.
They did some "woo's" before Superstar of the Year and the announcers promised a big name for it.
Ric Flair returned.

Cena said that the superstar of the year should be Ric Flair. He gave his award to Ric Flair. CM Punk then interrupted.
"This is possibly John Cena's worst year of his life. He's a loser." - Punk
"I never wanted to be you. I wanted to be me. I'm the man. Woo." - Punk
"What time is it? The diamonds with all the lights make it all glittery." -Flair
"I could beat you with one leg." - Punk
"Ok, lets do this." - Flair
Punk hit Ric with a crutch and he went for a second shot when he took a thumb to the eye. Flair then Figure Four'd Heyman.

"They'll never lose you and me my friend." - Flair to King
"I told Vince McMahon if I die, I wanna die here with a woman from Philadelphia." - Flair
The Shield then went down and we went to break.

Team Hell No apparently came down during the break and the heels were in control. Shield was going to put Flair through a table when Ryback made the save and cleared out the Shield.
JTG vs Brodus Clay
This was your typical no-highlight Brodus squash that ended when he hit a splash. Pretty boring and a waste of time. Only highlight was Brodus hitting a headbutt on an in-air JTG. JTG was wearing Brooklyn tights by the way, but of course, the show tonight isn't in Brooklyn and he wasn't on the Brooklyn show...
Santino and Tensai came out for the LOL Moment of the Year. Tensai came out wearing something on his head from the Kofi kick earlier and Santino said he read off the teleprompter that Tensai means Fat Albert in Japanese. Tensai was ready to hurt him for this.

The Rock won but wasn't there in person.
DB thought he should have won the award and said "NO". Kane dragged him to the back and Santino said he would take the award for Rock.

Cody Rhodes vs Sin Cara
Rhodes won with a Crossroads. JBL brought up Sin Cara's dad being Dr. Karonte and they mocked him for it. This was alright for what it was but it was so short. It didn't even go three minutes. Cara got a nice missle dropkick in and that's really about it. And yes, we did get a "Cody's Mustache" chant.
Zack Ryder and Layla came out to give the #trending now award and then we went to the break after the nominees were given.

Ryback won and Ryder said he would "go give it to the big guy in the back".

Big Show came down with his "Big Show Chair". That's what he said the name was.
Big Show heckled the crowd about respect until Sheamus came down.
"Last night you were the better man. You beat me fair and square even if you did use the giant chair. As for right now, you deserve to be the World Heavyweight Champion." - Sheamus
Sheamus offered a hand shake.
"Now get out of my ring you raw potato eating irishman." - Show

Then they went at it.
Sheamus used the Big Show Chair three times
Dolph tried to then cash in but Cena jumped him for no reason! Seriously. what did Dolph do to deserve that? What a sore loser. Really stupid booking here that got well deserved boo's. Dumb angle and it looks like we get more Sheamus vs Show, which I've had more than enough of and will make 4 straight Sheamus vs Big Show PPV matches.
3MB vs Alberto Del Rio, Miz and Tommy Dreamer
They didn't reveal their partner before the break. Hopefully it's not the Goon.
Dolph and Vickie argued in the back as Dolph tried to get help from Vickie and she questioned him about AJ. Dolph said their relationship is over. Then said she is jealous and Vickie is tired, old and just plain ugly.
Vickie then announced Vickie and John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee.

"Looks like a Boeing 747." - JBL
"Or the Hindenburg." - Cole
King said he was in a band called T-Mobile that kept breaking up and then in a band called origami but it folded. King also said he cut a country song called "My old hag left me because I got so hefty". No mention of Wimpbusters here though...

Tommy got the win here to end this garbage with a DDT. This was long and boring. No one cared about anyone in this and rightfully so when two of the faces are not very good at being faces. 3MB is also just comedy so they didn't care on that end either. Why was this booked to go so long?
Sheamus came out to announce an award.
The choices were between Ryback, Brodus, Sandow and Cesaro.

"The late great Owen Hart used to say - Enough is enough and it's time for a change. I am that change. Feed me more." - Ryback.
Cole said Ryback winning was hard to argue, but I'll bite. I'd pick Cesaro since he didn't lose at 3 straight PPV's and is an actual champion.

Ryback vs Antonio Cesaro

JBL said that the european uppercut was developed because the punch was not allowed in Catch as Catch can. I didn't know that and I wonder if it true.

Cesaro got counted out after he left. GRRR. Way to make Cesaro look like a chump after looking like a champ. Man, this show...

Ricky Steamboat, JR and Mean Gene came out for the Match of the Year award.
Choices were HHH/Taker in the Cell, Lesnar vs Cena(my 2nd place MOTY behind Tanahashi/Okada), Sheamus vs Big Show from Hell in a Cell and Rock vs Cena.

Taker vs HHH won. Blah.
"We want Taker" - The Crowd
"You've not seen the last of the Undertaker." - Triple H
The Shield beat up Tommy Dreamer backstage saying "This is not your house". Man, this is like a bad John Zandig dream come true.

AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler vs Vickie Guerrero and John Cena
AJ asked for the big ladder to be brought out and set up.
AJ went to explain herself when Vickie interrupted and says nobody cares.  Vickie then said AJ had a scrawny butt.
"Get a load of these guys behind me. It is Philly." - Cena
I'm actually intrigued by this match.

"There's alot of things about this match that I just don't get" - King
Vickie and AJ then left making this pointless.

AJ came back with Big E Langston who hit Cena with a Big Ending to get the DQ win for Vickie/Cena. Well, atleast they debuted a new character and seem to be pushing him strong. He's basically another Ryback only with a 5 count.
Overall thoughts: Bad show. The Cena and Cesaro stuff was bogus and all the returns in the world couldn't have saved this. The show just dragged on and on.

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