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WWE Main Event 12/5/2012 Review

WWE Main Event 12/5/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

They started off announcing CM Punk's injury and they showed a statement about it.

"When I beat The Miz to become the IC champion, something changed inside of me. I had more intensity." - Kofi
"Every once in a while a wildcat gets incensed and needs to show his teeth. Tonight is one of those nights." - Kofi

They did a feature on Cesaro.

Champion vs Champion - Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs United States Champion Antonio Cesaro
"Nobody wants to work hard anymore. You'd rather sit on your fat butts and let others do the work for you. I do work hard for you and that's why I'm your US champ." - Cesaro
"These are the United States of Antonio." - Cesaro

Truth and Wade were at the booth.
"Did you see that? I bet that hurt." - R-Truth

A picture from a Cena promo for next week
"The man doesn't even sleep on a mattress. He only walks everywhere and doesn't even own a car." - Cole on Cesaro

"How about we make a tag match right now? You two rejects down with that?" - Truth

Truth and Wade ran in ending the match and making a tag match. What they showed was really good and Wade ran in right as Kofi was going for the kill. Cesaro did his big european uppercut from Kofi off the top and Kofi got a good dive in before it ended abruptly. The run in was a shame as the match was enjoyable and was going to be better than the tag.

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth vs Wade Barrett and Antonio Cesaro
Kofi and Truth team up more often than any other broken up tag team I know.
The finish
Truth beat Cesaro with a sunsent flip after a Trouble in Paradise kick. Pretty good match here. Would have been better as a singles match but perfectly acceptable. Kofi and Cesaro were out here wrestling for near 40 minutes so you have to give them credit, but it makes you wonder what they could have done for 40 minutes in one singles match together. Good work and good heat here but very little Wade Barrett. Cesaro was mostly the focus and the finish was pretty cool. Kofi is really increasing his stock here and WWE's starting to get behind him. Rating:***

"There's a storm coming for Wade Barrett and I can't wait to bring the thunder." - Kofi
They did a long Raw Rebound showing Punk getting injured.
They announced this match above and said that it would be pin or submission only. Why? Does it matter? No, but seems odd.

Overall thoughts: 40 minutes good wrestling. Can't beat it! Cesaro is the man right now!

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