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WWE Main Event 12/12/2012 Review

WWE Main Event 12/12/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

Cole and Miz were in the ring to start the show, hyping up TLC. They talked until Ricardo interrupted. He introduced Alberto, calling him "my best friend". They then played a package on Alberto calling him, "The Greatest Human Being Alive". WWE is really stealing stuff from TNA these days. Ryback then interrupted during this. ADR then followed and called Ryback, an "ignorant animal with no brains".

Alberto Del Rio vs Ryback
Ryback gorilla pressed ADR early to go to the break. I hate when they do that. Just do it before the commercial. Coming back, ryback was in control and hit a big delayed vertical on ADR. ADR got Ryback's arm in between the post and steps and stomped against it, gaining the advantage. This spot has been used a few times lately. ADR kept control as we came back from the break. The crowd was really into Ryback here and his comeback as he hit a meathook clotheslines. He then hit the shellshock for the win. Does ADR ever win a main event match? Good showing for Ryback here. He looked like he belonged and held up well in a longer match. The crowd was into it too but it wasn't special.

Matt Striker tried to interview Ryback. Striker asked if Ryback could team with people since he's usually by himself, and he got mad and said yes to end this.

3MB were mad that they didn't get an invite to perform in the Hurricane Sandy concert. They said they were asked to perform in WWE's Rolling Stones concert. They then played a demo of their song that consisted of screaming.

Kidd and Gabriel interrupted, telling them they couldn't even be janitors at MSG. Then, they challenged them and decided on a 3 on 2 handicap match.

3MB vs Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel
Gabriel hit an STO here then the faces dove onto the heels.  The heels took advantage after the break only to get thwarted. kidd did an air guitar taunt on Slater and cleared house on 3MB. Slater tried a roll up but got put in the sharpshooter. Drew hit Kidd from behind but Kidd still kicked out. Kidd got slapped by Drew and got put into an Implant DDT by Slater for the 3MB win. Okay match here but it dragged a little.

Next Week: Kane vs Cody Rhodes

Overall thoughts: The show was just fine. Not special and not great, but fine for what it was. Ryback performed alright and the tag was okay. No need to seek this one out, but there's worse ways to spend your time.

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