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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 12/7/2012 Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 12/7/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

I'm quite busy today so I cannot do any pics here, but can atleast review the show.

Booker T came out. He said he had to take drastic action. Booker made a "no contact clause until TLC". He then made them come down which surely would not lead to any fighting between the two. Booker dared them to break the contact law. Both men signed the contract and talked crap to each other. Sheamus said Christmas will come early for him when he can hit Big Show with chairs.

Show ended up throwing the table at Sheamus and laughed because Sheamus signed the clause and couldn't touch him.  Booker then made Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio so Sheamus could take out his anger. Booker then made Big Show vs Daniel Bryan.

Big Show vs Daniel Bryan
Okay, I know DB beat him in 45 seconds, but Show held his own last week against Kane and DB so I don't see how this is really a punishment for him. Show also beat DB on Raw recently if you remember. Let's not even mention the fact that Show is a foot taller and 200 lbs heavier, but I digress.

Show got the early advantage here having no trouble against DB. He mostly slapped his chest around. DB went for his running knee off the apron and Show simply countered with a slap. Simple but effective. We went to break and when we came back Show was in control.

Show beat up on DB's arm, even standing on it at one point. DB made a comeback and turned a chokeslam into a DDT. DB went to the top but the Shield appeared and DB got chokeslammed. The match was okay but it was a long squash that ultimately proved nothing.

The Shield came in after the match circling DB. They stomped him down. Kane came down and tried to hold them off but lost the numbers game. They triple team powerbombed Kane through the announcer's table at ringside.

They did some odd Tribute to the Troops commercial with Miss Piggy and Flo-Rida.

Damien Sandow was in the ring looking for an apprentice.
He asked him:
1 - 5 + 5 = ?
2 - Who is the current president? He said Obama and they booed the name.
3 - What 17th century genre of art emulating from the Netherlands focused on grim like paintings? It was venitas.

Miz came down and asked Sandow which 20th century WWE superstar wears his daddy's bathrobe and buys his pink trunks at Victoria's Secret? He then said it's Damien Sandow, said you're welcome and left.

Brodus Clay and The Uso Brothers vs 3MB
3MB got the advantage early with Drew getting there. This is Drew's first match in a while. Clay tagged in though and clearned them all out hitting an exploder on Drew. 3MB distracted the faces and Drew snuck a Future Shock DDT in for the win. Very quick match here and not much to it at all.

Matt Striker interviewed Wade Barrett and Wade said Randy Orton should be worried about him and not the Shield. Wade said he would put the predator out of his misery.

Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton
Kofi Kingston was at the booth here since he has a match with Wade Barrett at TLC. Wade got thrown hard into the barricades and they fought a little outside. They cut to the break with Orton being sent to the floor after a back kick.

After a while with not much happening, Wade missed a top rope elbow and Orton started his comeback. He hit his powerslam and did the hanging DDT. Wade got up and went to take off the turnbuckle cover. Kofi stopped him and Orton got the RKO for the win. I've said it before but I'm not a fan of the matches between these two. They do some things similarly but they don't work well together.

Great Khali and Hornswoggle vs Primo and Epico
Natalya was out here and I guess is with Khali. Hornswoggle tripped up Rosa and made her fall on her butt. Rosa then tried to run and ran at like 1MPH. The heels got Khali out and bullied Hornswoggle. However, Horny fired up and Khali got back in. Horny shook the ropes and did a muscle pose and the heels got caught with a Khali clothesline.  Khali then hit a chop on Primo and Horny did the tadpole splash for the win. Man does it suck to be Primo and Epico now. With their loss to Hornswoggle they are the new Chavo Guerrero Jr's. After the match Nattie danced with Horny.

The Shield had a camera backstage. They didn't say much and just challenged their opponents for TLC and ripped on Miz.

Antonio Cesaro came out. He said American's pursued the American Dream but now looks like the American Dream Dusty Rhodes. Truth yelled RICOLA like Cesaro used to when he came out and talked. He cut a working man promo talking about the good things he sees Americans doing. It was actually quite good. Truth said that when Cesaro picks a fight with America, American fights back. Truth said, "When you kick my dog, I'm gonna kick your cat" and rushed him.

Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio
ADR got a really sweet boot to the face in here while Sheamus was in the corner. Big Show came down during the middle of this and they went to the break right after. ADR busted out a moonsault out of nowhere and it was pretty good! ADR then did his rope hanging armbar. ADR then randomly jumped off the top to get caught with a shot. He did this same transition 2-3 times last week. Sheamus hit hs backbreaker then hit a cloverleaf. ADR tried to pull off Sheamus' kneepad but he ended up tapping. This was just so so. Not one of their more interesting ones.

Big Show then came down. Show tried to tempt Sheamus to hit him. Show closed his eyes and Sheamus threw Ricardo at him to get a nut shot on him.

Overall thoughts: This was just an average show. Nothing was bad but nothing was great either. Very middle of the road but nothing offensive.

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