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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 12/28/2012 Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 12/28/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

Sheamus said he got a years supply of sunscreen for christmas from his mom and drank gallons of eggnog ale. He called out Show.

He said Show was fatter than Santa Claus. Show said Sheamus is suffering from amnesia and said he was in his Christmas vacation mode Monday, so his win didn't count.

Sheamus tried to start a fight and Booker T came out.
"No, uh uh, I see right where you're going Booker. I'm not having anything more to do with Sheamus." - Show

"When I walk through that locker room, it reeks of inferiority. Nobody is worthy of my World Heavyweight Championship." - Show
Booker T said they'd have a lottery to decide Big Show's opponent in a title match.

"I got this playa." - Teddy
"Teddy, stop being a jerk." - Eve
"See what ya did." - Teddy
"The winner is...Santino Marella." - Booker T
"You want a chance at this? Hahah." - Show
Primo vs Brodus Clay
Brodus won with a splash in a quick squash. Come on, this is a Brodus Clay squash.  You know what you are getting and it ain't good. Afterwards, Rosa went up to Brodus:

Naomi and Cameron then beat up Rosa for no apparent reason.
"I beat Big Show with the Brogue Kick. It seems to be the only thing to take him down." - Sheamus
"I must learn this Brogue Kick." - Santino
Santino then hurt himself trying to do the Brogue Kick
The Rhodes Scholars and Wade Barrett vs Team Hell No and Kofi Kingston
The finish
Wade Barrett got the in with the Bull Hammer. The match was quick and disturbed by a break so it's hard to give any real analysis. It was decent enough but not what it should have been.
"I guess I got the night off, right Booker? He can't compete." - Show on Santino injuring himself
"We gonna roll that tumbler thing back in here and spin it again." - Booker
"That tumbler thing again?" - Show
I guess they rolled it during the break. Because we came back to this:
"Ricardo? What makes you think you can be World Heavyweight Champion?" - Show
"Let me put the championship on you. Does that feel good?" - Show
Big Show then made Ricardo announce himself as the champion and then popped him:
Booker said this was ridiculous and they cut away.

Zack Ryder vs Antonio Cesaro
Josh said Zack Ryder's new year's resolution was to find a girlfriend and JBL told him to put down the video games to meet one.
Antonio Cesaro won with a Neutralizer. Not a real great squash here and it was quite quick. Surprise, surprise.

The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler
"If I could, everytime you'd say something dumb, I'd slap you. But it'd happen so often, it'd sound like applause going off." - JBL on Josh
"Good grief. Big E never moved. Unbelievable." - JBL
Dolph won with the Zig-Zag after Miz blew the kiss and Big E distracted him. Not a good one here and the focus was on Big E the whole time. This was a waste of time, as this whole show has been.

Miz insulted AJ after saying "No matter which Superstar you are with New Year's Eve, we all know it's going to end in a bang. Happy New Year sweetheart".

Dolph and Miz fought and Big E hit the Big Ending.
The announcers then said that Ricardo is out for tonight. They cut to the back where Brad Maddox jumped into the trainer's room:
"I just wanted to ask you for one more chance, Book." - Maddox
"I don't got time for this." - Book
Booker eventually agreed to give him one more chance. What is this, like chance #5? My big complaint with this is how does Maddox keep getting backstage? He's not a part of the company.

"The moment I see the Big Show, I'm going to turn him into a giant pinata." - ADR
"How about I put you in that WHC match tonight against the Big Show?" - Booker
Brad Maddox came out and said his resolution was to become a member of the roster.

Brad Maddox vs Sheamus
"It's like teeing up a penalty for Lionel Messi." - JBL on this match
Sheamus won with a Brogue Kick in a quick squash. What was the point of this?

The Uso Brothers vs The Prime Time Players
Ugh, this show never ends.
The Uso's won this very quick match with a cradle out of nowhere. The only highlight was Young accidently hitting O'Neil.

The Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio
I'm not sure of the official result of this one. Big Show walked off, but Sheamus jumped him. Therefore, it could have been a countout or a DQ on ADR for the Sheamus interference. Does it matter? No.

The whole ending was really stupid. As I mentioned above, Show walked off for basically no reason while he was in control. Sheamus and the other wrestlers tried to stop him then he got beat up by all of them plus ADR. He ate a Brogue Kick to close the show.

Overall thoughts: Garbage. This show took me near 4 hours to finish because it sucked. The matches were rather boring, some of the stuff made no sense and it felt like a thrown together show. Total waste of time here. Skip it.

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