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WCW Pro on WGN 9/5/1992 Review

WCW Pro on WGN 9/5/1992 Review

Van Hammer vs Danny Deese
"WCW Fever, catch it!" - Van Hammer
"To celebrate back to school, all of the kiddies 14 and under get a free WCW hip pouch. They can put all their guns and knives in it and bring it to school." - Larry Zbyszko

Van Hammer won with a slingshot suplex in a very unimpressive squash. Nothing but the basics for Hammer in this boring match.

"WCW you want the real deal? Don't pass it up." - Hammer
WCW Magazine with Eric Bischoff
"We've been around the block more than one time and we're out in WCW to rid the WCW of the Steiners." - Greg Valentine
Marcus Alexander Bagwell vs Jake the Snake Roberts
"Marcus Bagwell, you can lift those weights and drink those protein shakes but Jake Roberts has one thing on his side - intimidation." - Cactus Jack
"You really like this guy, don't you?" - JR
"I can't help but smile. Every man needs a hero, Jim Ross." - Cactus Jack
"Sting, this is for you." - Jake
"Jake, I want one for me. Give me one for me." - Cactus Jack
Jake then promptly won with the DDT in, yep, a boring squash. Jake was slow and very uninspiring here.

"Sting, I will treat you just like I would a woman. One time? Sure, why not. Two times? If it's really nice. But three times, Sting? I'll treat you like trash." - Jake
"Sooner or later, you play with a snake, you're gonna be bit." - Jake
Missy's Minute
Missy replayed a clip of Dustin Rhodes challenging Cactus Jack to a falls couny anywhere match:
"You sign the dotted line. We'll go to the stands, we'll go to the snack bar, wherever you want. This thing ain't over yet." - Dustin Rhodes
"You sign the dotted line with Cactus Jack, you put your career on the line." - Missy Hyatt

I just love how they had Missy wear a bra and a jacket here. I'm sure that's common attire for news reporters.

Big Van Vader and Super Invader vs T.C. Carter and Chris Sullivan
The Super Invader is Hercules Hernandez.
"He's gonna turn T.C. Carter in the human pancake." - Larry Z
"If this guy wasn't a contortonist before, he is now baby." - Larry Z
Big Van Vader pinned T.C. Carter with a nasty powerbomb to win. All squash here but it was mostly entertaining. Vader was not a person to mess with in 1992.

"Ron Simmons is a man who knows how to seize the oppourtunity. Me too. Let's see who will have their way." - Rick Rude
"Stop moaning, stop crying, stop being a baby. Prove to the people that you want to be the World's Heavyweight Champion." - Ron Simmons
Sting and Nikita Koloff vs Mark Cantabury and Bob Cook
Mark would eventually become a Godwinn in the WWF.
The finish
Sting beat Bob Cook with a Scorpion Deathlock in a quick squash. Cook got a few punches on Sting before Sting splashed him and his partner and got the Scorpion for the win.

"No, Jake. I'm not gonna run. Nikita's not gonna run. We're gonna be there." - Sting
Falls Count Anywhere - Cactus Jack vs Dustin Rhodes
"Forget about it. Here they go." - Tony

"The chair on the neck of Dustin Rhodes." - Tony S.
"The chair? He hit him with a table you idiot." - Larry
"These two are gonna qualify for the Hannibal Lector wrestling award of 1992, I'll tell you that." - Larry
Cactus Jack beat Dustin Rhodes with the elbow off the apron to the floor. Pretty good match here with a hot crowd. This was something you don't normally see on C-Shows and I enjoyed all of it. There was one funny bit where Cactus tried to use a chair but couldn't get it untangled and was knocking headphones everywhere. They didn't do anything too crazy minus the backdrop on the floor but it was fun and exciting. This is worth a look just for something different. Rating:***

"I know in my mind that I can knock you out. So come show me your stuff big boy." - Barry Windham to the Barbarian
Overall thoughts: Not too bad of a show with the Cactus/Rhodes match being the highlight. This is worth a look.

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