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WCW Main Event 12/29/1991 Review

WCW Main Event 12/29/1991 Review

I've never actually seen a Scott Hall as the Diamond Studd match and since he's on this one, I figured I'd go for it.

Starrcade 1991 is tonight. I reviewed it here with tons of cool pics/gifs/quotes:
Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Firebreaker Chip vs Ravishing Rick Rude
"From the WCW Special Forces, he's a member of the Patriots, Firebreaker Chip!" - Gary Michael Cappetta
"Firebreaker Chip. Power, conditioning and he's great guy." - Tony Schiavone
"Cut the music. What I'd like to have right now is for all you fat, out of shape, Georgia germ spreaders, keep the noise down while I take my robe off and show you what a real man is supposed to look like." - Rude
I think everyone should have a picture of them beating up Sting on their pants, don't you?
"Come On" - Rude
Rick Rude beat Firebreaker Chip with a Rude Awakening in a squash. You know the deal here. Nothing very interesting aside from Rude jumping off the top rope and landing on his feet, then just stomping Firebreaker Chip in the head. Rude's tights were the highlight here.

WCW Magazine with Eric Bischoff
They hyped up Starrcade 1991. They announced that Jushin Liger won the WCW Lightweight Title on 12/25/1991 at the Omni, but didn't show any clips.
They showed the Dangerous Alliance attacking Sting with a plaster cast during an interview with Marcus Alexander Bagwell.

Eric brought up the possibility of Sting having to team with Rick Rude or Ricky Steamboat having to team with Bobby Eaton at Battlebowl.

They then showed Bobby Eaton and Stunning Steve Austin(Yep, Stone Cold) twice in the same night.
Who's your dream Battlebowl partner? Arachniman or PN News?
They showed a list of all the people in Battlebowl. They spelled Mike Graham's name wrong during it:

Mr. Hughes vs Buddy Baker and Scott Sandlin
Mr Hughes without his glasses? He might as well be naked.
The finish

Mr Hughes beat Buddy Baker and Scott Sandlin when he pinned Sandlin with a Bossman Slam. Very uninteresting squash here and it didn't even last a minute. A few punches and the slam was all it took.

WCW Top 10 Rankings
"And now here's a look at the WCW Top 10 rankings in singles competition as compiled by members of the WCW Board of Directors and promoters." - Tony Schiavone

The Jim Ross Report
"At worst, the odds are 5-2 in our favor. Will Beautiful Bobby ever have to fight Arn Andrerson? If it's drawn, they will fight." - Paul E.
"What if Sting's partner were Ravishing Rick Rude?" - JR
"We're hoping for that. We have a special contigency planned just in cgse the hand goes into the big bowl and out comes the name Sting and the name Rick Rude. Sting, the odds are against you my friend at Starrcade." - Paul E.
"Yo, subscribe today and save some pay." - PN News on WCW Magazine 
Joined in Progress - Cactus Jack vs Van Hammer
It's Hammer Time as Cactus Jack hits Van Hammer with his own guitar!
This ended in a double countout. They only showed a few minutes of it until they both got counted out outside. The stupid part was Van Hammer getting hit and choked with his guitar then popping up like nothing happened! Way to go Van Hammer! It was kind of funny to see Cactus hit Hammer with his own guitar, but this was crap otherwise.
PN News vs The Diamond Studd
"From Motown, PN News." - Rubarb Jones

"I've heard it said that I should wrestle my wife, if I had to do it, I wouldn't think twice. They can't diss me, I don't care what they say, cuz that's not the game that PN News would play. So if you're listenin', take my advice or ask my opponent, it ain't worth the price. Yo baby yo baby yo~! Yo baby yo baby yo~! Yo Atlanta, get ready for the Rap Attack!" - PN News
The crowd gets down!
"From the Diamond Mines, The Diamond Studd!" - Rubarb Jones
The Diamond Studd is indeed Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon.
"I'm the bad guy." - The Diamond Studd

DDP's in the house.
The Diamond Studd attacked Johnny B. Badd on Main Event and PN News made the save, creating this match.
"You own this punk." - DDP

"Hah! The Big Rear End." - Tony Schiavone
The finish
The Diamond Studd beat PN News when DDP held PN News' leg during a pin. Not a good one here. Relying on PN News to save your show isn't a great idea and the match wasn't very interesting unless you have a thing for headlocks. Sad to say, but PN News hitting Studd with his butt was the biggest move in the match.

Johnny B. Badd ran in and tried to get the decision overturned because of DDP's interference but the heels smartly decked the faces before that could happen. Badd and News shook hands after the match. I guess you could call them Badd News. I'll stop now.

Overall thoughts: Not a good one here as it had lots of wrestlecrap and bad gimmicks. Skip this one.

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