Sunday, December 16, 2012

TNA Turning Point 2004 - 6 Sides of Steel - Triple X vs America's Most Wanted

TNA Turning Point 2004 - 6 Sides of Steel - Losing team splits -Triple X vs America's Most Wanted
Storm is handcuffed to the cage at this point while Harris gets the beatdown.

Daniels loses the key to the handcuffs!
XXX hits AMW's Death Sentence
AMW hits XXX's PowerPlex for the win!
AMW beat Triple X with the PowerPlex. Very good match here capped off by Elix Skipper's unforgettable cage walk. A great way to end a feud and pretty much everything was spot on here. The heat was good and got even better after the big move. The story of the match was good with Daniels handcuffing Chris Harris and then going to town on Storm. They added onto this by hitting AMW's finisher. However, Harris got out and then they all did some big spots shown above. Near the end, Daniels got handcuffed leaving Elix Skipper on his own. AMW then returned the favor by hitting Triple X's PowerPlex to get the win. Add in the natural feud these two teams had and the good work and this is really about as good as it gets. My only complaint was that the camera work was atrocious here. TNA loves to switch shots every second which made me feel like I had motion sickness and TNA never thought of cutting a whole in the cage for the camera or putting a camera man in the ring. This match would have been even better if I could have seen more of the stuff going on. Rating:*****

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