Sunday, December 16, 2012

TNA Slammiversary 2009 - X Division King of the Mountain

TNA Slammiversary 2009 - King of the Mountain Matches

X Division Title - King of the Mountain Match - Alex Shelley vs Jay Lethal vs Suicide vs Chris Sabin vs Consequences Creed
The way this match works is:
- You must get a pin on someone
- Once you do, they go into the penalty box and you become eligible to hang the belt up to win it.

Before we get into this, the storyline at the time was that Creed, Lethal and the MCMG's were trying to unmask Suicide. This plays into the match as it becomes a 4 on 1.
The penalty box
Suicide pinned Lethal with an IR Plex on a ladder to become eligible.
Suicide pinned Alex Shelley with a botched move to be eligible.

Only Lethal is credited with the pin here. Suicide must go to the penalty box.
Everyone celebrates Suicide getting put in the box

Creed then pinned Shelley making himself along with Suicide and Lethal eligible.
Neither MCMG was eligible, so Sabin laid down for Shelley!
"Brilliant!" - Don West
"The means justify the ends here." - Don West
Sabin then pinned Lethal with a springboard tornado DDT to make everyone eligible.
Suicide hangs the belt for the win
Suicide hung the belt for the win here in a really good match.This had all of the fun stuff that a multi-man ladder match would only with the added bonus of a cage to jump off of.  I liked the storyline of everyone trying to get Suicide and I liked the teams trying to work together to pull this off. They had some really cool spots as you can see and the match had good heat. This was a great action-packed match and is worth a watch. Rating:****

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