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TNA Impact Wrestling 12/6/2012 Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 12/6/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

Bobby Roode came out with Kazarian and Daniels.
"Jeff Hardy, I gurantee that you will see that it pays to be Roode." - Bobby Roode
AJ Styles then came out after Daniels asked him to.
"Chris, you've been jealous of me since day one. That's just what you are. A jealous individual. This sunday, if it's on your best day and my worst, you still couldn't beat me." - AJ
Daniels responded, calling AJ a loser and mentioning how he lost 3 big matches.
AJ then dove at Daniels and got beaten up for it, and rightfully so. Hardy and Storm made the save to prep us for their 6-man tonight.
Your announcers for this evening
"I had a plan Hulk. To push your buttons and get my shot at the X title, but Bully ruined it. Bully, it is personal between you and me. I want you this Sunday at the ppv." - Aries
TV Title  - Samoa Joe vs Devon
Devon pinned Samoa Joe to win the TV title after Doc hit Joe with a hammer. Joe had the choke and almost had the win when a girl jumped on the apron and that's when Doc got the hammer shot in. Decent match here with good heat. I can't believe that Devon wrestled in all those clothes. Some decent punching throughout this.

She was on the phone talking meeting someone who just arrived.

Al Snow said he was mugged and drugged and didn't know what happened last week.

Mickie James came out and talked. She thanked the fans and mentioned how she thought about everything while she was injured. She said she wasnt satisfied and made a pact to become the new Knockouts champ.

Tara talked but got interrupted quickly by Velvet Sky returning.

She thanks Brooke Hogan for getting her back.
"I promise you, 2013 will be the year Velvet Sky becomes the Knockouts champion." - Velvet Sky

"What's with this screen bro?" - Robbie E

"It's a touch screen bro." - Robbie T
Robbie E was trying to pay his car insurance backstage but couldn't figure out the touch screen. T helped him. No subtle advertising here at all, no sir.

Robbie E and Robbie T vs Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Chavo got the win with the frogsplash for his team. Pretty decent match and the Terry vs Hernandez stuff seemed interesting. It wasn't that long but nothing was wrong with it. Robbie T didn't look that bad here. The pace was quick and fast pace matches are usually okay.

After the match, Ryan and Morgan interfered, laying out the champs:

We cut to Ace's in the back partying and they said, "money talks and bull$h!t walks". Doc wasn't in the partying mood.
Kurt hyped up his crew and put them over in the back.

"Morgan, Ryan, we're gonna step on your face and look you in the eyes." - Chavo

DOC vs Kurt Angle

Kurt won by DQ when Ace's interfered. What they showed looked really good. Doc bumped everywhere and Angle did the same.
"Call OVW Joseph. If you call OVW and get through it, call me back." - Hulk to Joseph Park

"I'm telling you I want a match with Austin Aries and I want it now." - Bully
"No? I'm guranteeing you I will get my match. I'm taking over your freakin' show." - Bully
"Somebody get him a Midol." - Hulk
"I'm guranteeing I got your back, no matter what." - James Storm
"But watch out, I know what he's capable of." - Storm
No. 1 Contender to the X title - Kid Kash vs Zema Ion vs Kenny King
Kenny King won with the Royal Flush. Think an F5 into a side slam. Pretty good match with all action here. Super fast pace and this was exactly what you would think it was. Good match here and very quick.

"I'm going to the ring, I'm taking over the show and I'm getting what I want. I don't care." - Bully Ray
Bully Ray came out to talk and brought a chair:
"I don't understand Hulk. I want to fight Aries and he wants to fight me." - Bully
Aries then came down.

Aries accused Ray of not wanting to fight him until Hulk came down to end their stand off.

"You get out that chair and out of my ring or I'm gonna kick your @$$ and fire you right now." - Hulk
"Maybe Bully..Mark is right. Maybe this is too personal." - Brooke
"Maybe you're right. Bully, you got your d*** match." - Hulk
ODB in the Shop TNA commercial

Bobby Roode, Kazarian and Daniels vs Jeff Hardy, James Storm and AJ Styles
Kazarian and Daniels wearing the ZUBAZ

Hardy got the win here for his team with the Twist of Fate. The story of this was the heels beating up Hardy until he got the hot tag which led to the faces winning this. good match here.

After the matches, Aces attacked.
James Storm made the save to close the show. Roode yelled "It pays to be Roode", hinting that he paid off Ace's.

Overall thoughts: Some good matches but the Bully Ray/Hogan stuff sucks. Overall, all the wrestling made it into a good show. This was a heavy wrestling show and I'll take all matches over bad angles anyday.

Stay tuned for Smackdown and Superstars tommorow and Final Resolution on Sunday!

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