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TNA Impact Wrestling 12/20/2012 Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 12/20/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

TNA TV Title - Devon vs. Kurt Angle
Devon brought Ace's with him so Angle brought Joe, Garrett and Brisco with him.
Kurt's knee was taped so Devon clipped it and worked it.
Devon won after a bat shot from Big Aces. Pretty smart match here that made alot of sense. Devon worked the hurt knee and Ace's used their strength in numbers to win. Ace's got kicked out early but then came back causing the distraction and the bat shot. Rating:**

They had a meeting on who would get the knockouts title shot with Brooke and Brooke eliminated ODB because "she has a husband in the hospital". That was a really stupid reason.What does that have to do with anything? I actually like this concept of them having meetings with whoever makes the best case getting the shot, but I hate it because the decisions are usually ridiculous and the decisions are rarely based on who won or lost.

Kenny King talked:
He said he didn't have a beef with RVD after cheating him during their match.

Rob Van Dam & Kenny King vs. Matt Morgan & Joey Ryan
RVD and Kenny King are teaming up after fighting each other the last two weeks. Why? I don't know.
Morgan won with the Carbon Footprint. Him and Kenny stared each other down and then Kenny left, leaving RVD to get smashed and lose. Kenny then mouthed something to RVD from the ramp but I don't know what it was. Kenny and RVD are a good team as they are pretty similar. I'd totally be up for them teaming again and King looks even better than he did in ROH. Rating:**
Two good matches to start with. Can't beat that.
Kaz said he didn't care about AJ walking away and said he had a christmas surprised for Daniels and the fans.

Hulk Hogan came out.
He said when he came TNA was a teeny tiny company and is now a monster. Maybe he meant a monster failure. He talked about being able to vote for wrestler of the year through the website.

Aces then came out:
"You've been telling so many lies I think you're honestly starting to believe them." - Devon - Truer words have never been spoken.
Devon said Ace's is the Truth and 2013 will be the year of Ace's. He said their goals will be accomplished then but Hulk won't be around.
They tried to go after Hulk but Bully Ray Hogan, I mean Bully Ray made the save.
Bully then tried to get on Hulk's good side but Hulk blew it off and left.
Hardy talked in the back:
He told Aries he wasn't hard to find and challenged him.
Brooke Tessmacher said she deserves a fair shot because of interference and Mickie said the same thing. She then got eliminated.

Kaz was walking around with his gifts.
"Not even you @$$ goblins can ruin this day for me."

"There's two stars at the top of the tree." - Kaz
"The man who has the biggest sack I've ever seen - Santa Claus." - Kaz
They gave Santa the gift of Zubaz.

"I've been the best boy all year long. I gave the people everything they wanted. I got rid of AJ Styles." - Daniels
"Could you please gift AJ Styles' kids the gift of christmas because he's been such a d*mn loser all year long." - Daniels to Santa
"When I was 6 years old, I asked for a red ryder BB gun and all I got was a note saying "You'll shoot your eye out". - Storm
"If you're the real Santa, last year, what did I ask for for christmas?" - Storm
"It has to be something country. Maybe a Travis Tritt CD? He's pretty good?" - Santa
" I asked for a case of beer." - Storm
Santa then got superkicked. That grinch James Storm. He's definitely on the naughty list now.
Aries cut a promo saying he'll beat Hardy and it was a big mistake of his to challenge Aries.
10 million stars for the Kaz/Daniels segment by the way. A hilarious, must-see segment.

Sting said he's coming for Ace's.
Ace's said they needed some big muscles and Devon said he knew someone to do the job.
Brooker told Velvet to watch Tara because it might be her next and choose Mickie.
Knockouts title - Tara vs. Mickie James
"Well, Jesse got sme action for sure." - Taz

Tara won with a reverse atomic drop and Mickie bent her knee back when she got pinned. Stupid finish to a pretty decent match. Good work here and the girls seemed really into it, but the finish was too akward for a good rating. Rating:*3/4

Joseph Park was in OVW training and not doing well. Then he got hit with a forearm and what appears to be hot sauce came from his nose. Then he snapped and beat up his opponent, which made Danny Davis ask if he was okay?
TNA title - Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries 

"Merry Christmas." - Taz

Hardy won with a swanton bomb. There was an awesome ref bump and a 2nd ref came down. Roode pulled him out, flipped off Aries and then Hardy hit the Twist of Fate and the swanton for the win. Pretty good match here to cap off a good show. Not as great as it could have been but a nice main event and I liked the finish. Rating:***1/4
We closed the show with Hulk seeing Brooke and Bully make out in the parking lot. He then drove away.
Overall thoughts: Great show with some good matches and the Kaz/Daniels/Santa segment being minimum 10 million stars.

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