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TNA Final Resolution 2012 Review

TNA Final Resolution 2012 Review
James Storm came out and talked. He said he saw Bobby Roode giving Ace's the thumbs up on Thursday and told him to stick it up his butt. This got a "up his butt" chant. He called out Bobby Roode.


Kazarian then came out. He kept calling Storm Jim and called him a "goat roper" then called the fans "turds".
Storm challenged Kaz to "take Bobby Roode's @$$ whoopin' for him".

James Storm vs Kazarian

The Lst Call

Storm got the win here with the last call superkick. Not that great bua tine for what it was. Just a pretty basic quick match. Rating:**

The main eventers arrive.
TNA X-Division Title - Rob Van Dam vs Kenny King

RVD won with a Cung Le San Shou style takedown. Decent match here but had its slow pionts. They were a little messy at first but improved throughout. King looked like he belonged and he hung in well. He did one cool thing where he countered off the top by doing a moonsault and springing off with his hands. Naturally, they didn't show a replay of that. Good match here. Rating:***
TNA World Tag Team Championship - Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan

Hernandez and Chavo won by DQ here when Morgan pulled out the ref. Chavo had the win with the frog splash and the ref counted 3, but they DQ'd Morgan anyway. Dumb finish and the match wasn't that great. After the match, Morgan rammed Chavo's back into the post. This wasn't that bad but the finish totally killed anything they had going on. Rating:*1/2

"TNA might be e great collective cocktail, but it needs someone to stir the drink." - Aries
Aries then called Bully Ray "Mark" and said "Austinmania will run wild".
Bully Ray vs Austin Aries
We are at 51 minutes of a 3 hour PPV here so this is probably going long.
Bull threw Austin around like nothing.
Aries started mocking Hulk during this. After a chop from Bully, Taz said, "Austin Aries may have lost an aereola".
Aries went for the suicide dive through the bottom rope and Bully put his foot on the rope blocking him.
Aries got the win with a low blow in about 19 minutes. Great match with a dumb finish. Brooke ran down to save Bully and Aries went to hit her. Hulk then came down and Bully got her out, the Aries hit the low blow for the win. Aries was very awesome here. He flopped around everywhere and bumped like a manic. With a different finish, this would have been 4 stars.

"Velvet's been back for like what 6 seconds, with her bats or rats with wings?" - Tara
They then played with their twitter and talked about fake tweets for them from celebrities.

TNA Women's Knockouts Championship - Tara vs Mickie James

Tara won with the Widow's Peak. Tons of shenanigans with Jesse but it would have been better without it. Still, pretty good match for these two with lots of cool moves and good work. Rating:***

Roode got asked about Ace's but didn't respond to it. He said he would get his world title back.

Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff vs Ace's and 8's

Angle beat one of the masked Ace's for the win. This was so-so. DOC went for the hammer shot late here but Garrett stopped him allowing Kurt to get the win. It was a little slow at times and they didn't have everyone fighting until the end. could have been worse though. Rating:**

AJ said alot of people doubt him and he's still consistent. He says he's the best when the pressure is on.
One Final Time - AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels
Tenay said that the estimate is that AJ and Daniels have met 115 times. I gurantee you, that's on the low side and just counting TNA only. I bet they've matched up 500+ times easy. I saw this atleast 2-3 times from 2003-2005 live.

Christopher Daniels beat AJ Styles with the Styles Clash. Yep, you heard it right. This was awesome of course. It's not possible for these two to have a bad match together and this was proof of it. Some big spots from this included a side slam on the apron, a reversal of the top rope Styles Clash where AJ got thrown on his head and AJ getting slammed on the steps. Excellent match. Rating:****
TNA World Heavyweight Championship - Jeff Hardy vs Bobby Roode
"Looks like he's in the holiday spirit with the christmas colors on." - Tazz

Hardy got the win here after Ace's interfered and beat up both guys. Pretty decent match but kind of odd timing for Ace's to come in and it didn't help since Hardy won anyway. So-so finish to a pretty good match.

Overall thoughts: Pretty good show overall with some really good matches. Two stupid finishes but that's the only knock. If you like good wrestling, this is one for you. A good showing by TNA.

Stay tuned this week for:
Monday - WWE RAW
Wednesday - WWE Main Event
Thursday - TNA Impact, NXT
Friday - WWE Smackdown, WWE Superstars
Saturday - WWE Saturday Morning Slam, Nonito Daire vs Jorge Arce and Guillermo Riggondeaux (BOXING)
Sunday - WWE TLC, ROH TV

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