Saturday, December 15, 2012

Santa Cruz vs Guevara, Arce vs Donaire and Khan vs Molina

I'd like to note that Guillermo Rigondeaux fight got cancelled because Guillermo's opponent has a blood disease. Therefore, I cannot review it.

WBO and The Ring Super Bantamweight Title - Nonito Donaire vs Jorge Arce
1st Round -  Very slow round here:
Donaire looked pretty strong here landing two big uppercuts, easily getting this one. Arce may have only gotten one punch in so he's already down 1. Donaire's crew said to don't get careless. Donaire went 8 for 31 and Arce got credited with 3.

2nd Round - Donaire hit a straight right to send Arce down. Arce quickly got back up though. The feed went out here but it was totally Donaire. No doubt about it. 2-0 Donaire.

3rd Round - They both kind of wrestled each other down for a second.
Knockdown #1

The final KO
Overall thoughts: Nonito Donaire got the win in the 3rd round. No contest at all here as Donaire took care of buisness and took Arce out with 3 knockdowns. Total squash and Nonito really looked solid.

Final stats:

IBF Bantamweight Title - Leo Santa Cruz vs Alberto Guevara

Guevara - Black, Santa Cruz - Red/White/Green
1st Round - Definitely Guevara here as he had Santa Cruz's nose busted open. Very quick round and both guys looking fast.

2nd & 3rd Rounds - Both really close again but I have to go with Guevara on the 2nd and Santa Cruz on the 3rd. Santa Cruzz got a good shot in that the crowd popped for in the 3rd.

4th Round - Santa Cruz definitely got this one with a nice left hook. Not so many shots landed though by either guy.

5th Round - This was definitely Santa after this exchange:

6th Round - Guevara got this one IMO but it could really go either way.

7th Round - Santa Cruz came alive in this one, throwing quick and hard shots while Guevara was slower and moving away.

8th Round - I would give this to Guevara. He got a nice combo in and looked stronger here.

9th Round - I would slightly give this to Santa Cruz. Guevara was going off on him and Cruz blocked one then hit a left and a small right.

10th Round - I have no idea here. Maybe Santa Cruz.

11th Round - Definitely Santa Cruz. Guevara is in survival mode here and Cruz was the complete aggressor. No question at all here.

12th Round - Santa Cruz again. Guevara came alive in the end but this was all Santa Cruz.

I have it 8 rounds to Guevara's 4. The announcers had it by 5 and 6. The judges had this all for Santa Cruz.

Overall thoughts: Not that great of a fight. Was okay but really no drama or real passion. I didn't get the hype for this. Cruz supposedly threw 1,000 punches here.

Kelvin Price vs Deontay Wilder

The knockout
I reviewed this and my review got deleted. Thanks internet. Wilder knocked out Price in the 3rd in a sad fight. Price looked so scared out there and Wilder should have won this in one. I gave Price the 2nd round because Wilder threw nothing, then threw 1 punch in the 3rd to win.

"Tonight is my night."
"It's not a matter of is he going down, it's a matter of when he's going down." - Wilder

"He hasn't beaten a who's who of boxing, he's beaten a who's he of boxing." - Glenn McRory on Wilder

Amir Khan vs Carlos Molina
Molina enters
The announcers are pushing this as the last stand of Khan if he loses.
"At 26 years old, his career is literally on the line tonight." - Announcer on Khan

1st Round - Khan was super fast here:
He missed alot but hit some and bloodied his opponent. Easy round for Khan and very good. Khan did tried to grab Molina's head though and punch him a few times which the ref said, "Stop doing that sh!t".

2nd Round - Another easy round for Khan. Many lightning quick shots and good work by Khan

3rd Round - Khan's defense was not good here but his offense was. Still, Molina had a very good round and could have even gotten it. A stronger man could have knocked Khan silly here. I'm giving this to Khan.

4th Round - Great round by Khan. So many lightning fast flurries but Molina hung in there:
5th Round -  We got some flurries by Khan and that's about it. Molina is still trying to avoid a certain loss but nothing too impressive by Khan. Another one for Khan.

6th Round - More of the same here with Molina getting in two shots and lots of flurries from Khan:

7th Round - Boring round here. Molina didn't do much and Khan barely did much either. Khan still got it though.

8th Round - More of Molina getting schooled...

9th Round - Khan took Molina again to school with Molina looking hopeless. Molina had blood all over and the announcers were begging for this to stop.

Molina asked for one more round and the ref said if he doesn't show something quick, he's stopping it.

10th Round -
Another waste of time round. Molina's expiration date hit and the ref stopped this.

Amir Khan wins by a ref stop before the 11th round. Good show by Khan here. He looked really good and was so fast.

Thanks for checking out the review! Stay tuned for TLC tommorow!

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