Saturday, December 22, 2012

ROH TV 12/22/2012 Review

ROH TV 12/22/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

ROH is all repeats tonight, but I didn't see those matches in the first place, so I'll review what I didn't see.

Davey Richards vs Eddie Edwards IV
Eddie Edwards pinned Davey Richards with nothing to get the win. The finish was really stupid. Davey did a missile dropkick which he was supposed to miss, but he ended up hitting it. Edwards no sold it then got the pin. Absolutely stupid finish to a decent match. It did have your usual stupid Davey Richards (RESPECT!) spots but it wasn't bad. The finish killed the rating though. Rating:**3/4

They showed some quick highlights of The Briscoes vs Kevin Steen and Jimmy Jacobs from the Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee:
They cut it off right after Mark Briscoe did the dive.

Lance Storm vs Mike Bennett III - 8/3/2012

Mike Bennett beat Lance Storm with a TKO/Photo Finish on a chair. Decent match here with Storm mostly carrying things. I've never been a fan of either guy really but they kept it simple and it worked out well. Rating:**1/2

Adam Cole vs Roderick Strong from 7/28/2012
I reviewed this here:

Next week - ROH will announce their match of the year and show that match. Basically, it will be another clip show, so it looks like there may not be anything new until 1/5/2013.

Overall thoughts: Well, a recap show is a recap show. All three matches were good and that's really about all you can say.

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