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NXT 12/5/2012 Review

NXT 12/5/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

Tony Dawson and William Regal are at the booth. Yeah, I knew Tom Phillips wasn't going to cut it.

Michael McGillicutty vs Antonio Cesaro

"Recently on a European tour, this man met with a hero's welcome in Switzerland - a standing ovation." - William Regal
Michael McGillicutty uses Masato Tanaka's Sliding D
Antonio Cesaro beat Michael McGillicutty with the Gotch-Style Neutralizer. Really good match here with both men looking strong. Cesaro was his usual awesome self and Mike brought the goods as well. The crowd was into it and overall this was excellent. Rating:***1/4

Axl Keegan vs Bo Dallas
"Bo Dallas told me today, he has a high pain tolerance, he's impervious to pain and he actually enjoys the pain. He's masochistic and proud of it." - Tony Dawson
"Hit me again." - Bo Dallas
Bo Dallas beat Axl Keegan with a really bad spear to win this. They are now going with a Bo likes pain gimmick ala Mankind. I just can't buy him as any sort of tough guy but atleast he showed some fire here and looked alright. This was just a short squash.
"I wanna offer a challenge to anyone in the WWE. You wanna fight me, I'll be more than happy. I don't want a match, I want a fight." - Bo Dallas
Corey Graves vs Yoshi Tatsu
Good to see Yoshi on TV. I have no idea why but he appears on TV less than any other superstar, even though he's quite talented.
"He was born naughty." - William Regal
"Calls himself - The Savior of Misbehavior." - Tony Dawson
"Yoshi Tatsu grew up admiring the Japanese legend, The Great Muta." - Tony Dawson
"Corey's Awesome." - The fans
"Corey says he only knowns 4 submission holds, but he's great at all of them." - Tony Dawson
Corey Graves applies The 13th Step
Corey Graves beat Yoshi Tatsu with The 13th Step in a good match. Yoshi was great as usual, the crowd liked Graves and it was short, but good. No problems here with this and I always enjoy seeing a hometown boy, Corey Graves aka Sterling James Keenan.
Corey Graves left through the crowd
Gavin Reid vs Roman Reigns
"He's got no skin on either elbow. That's the sign of a true competitor there." - William Regal
There's a really obvious divas joke there if you want to make it for me.

"I am always in control in the ring or out. I am the king of any crown." - Tony Dawson repeat what Reigns said
Roman Reigns won with the Moment of Silence aka the Ore Ga Taue. This was your typical unimpressive Reigns squash. He just has no offense whatsoever. He does have some character but that's about it as this point.
"You're gonna do it my way. I'm doing you a favor. I'm letting you come in the ring and say it my way. I don't wanna have this conversation again. Get out ofhere." - Roman Reigns kicking out Byron Saxton for not announcing his name right.
"My goal is to be NXT champion, so if Leo Kurger is the guy I gotta go through.." - Tyson Kidd
"Whoa! Did you say NXT champion? You, Tyson Kidd NXT champion? Are you kidding me? You must think you are somebody." - Kassius Ohno
"I'm the most dangerous man in this universe and a kid like you, you should watch out." - Kassius Ohno
"I think Einstein said it best. Great spirits always encounter violent opposition from mediocre minds. Think about it." - Tyson Kidd
Tyson Kidd vs Leo Kruger
"His overhand slice comes from cricket in South Africa. He was an overhand bowler. They throw like 100 MPH." - William Regal on Leo Kruger
The Dungeon Lock
Tyson Kidd beat Leo Kruger with the Dungeon Lock. This one never got going really. Kruger just did full nelson's and it was already too late by the time Kidd got some moves in. The finish was really out of nowhere.
Ohno and Leo beat down Kidd after the match until Regal pulled Kidd out and made the save.

Overall thoughts: Decent show with a flat ending, but atleast the ending builds to next week. Cesaro was awesome and the highlight of this show. The rest, I could give or take. And where was Big E?

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