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NWA Main Event 4/24/1988 Review

NWA Main Event 4/24/1988 Review

Tony Schiavone and Peter Birkholz are your commentators. I've never heard of Peter Birkholz before. He sounds alot like David Crockett.
Jim Ross is your announcer, how about that?
Sting vs Shaska Whatley
The announcers said Shaska Whatley is a part of the Jivetones, who I've never heard of before either.
The finish
Sting beat Shaska Whatley with a sunset flip. With all of the offense Shaska got, you'd think he was the one they were pushing. This is my one complain about NWA shows in the 1980's, as jobbers would look pretty good against the main guys in squash matches. Because of this, the actual stars looked worse and the matches were longer squashes with forgone conclusions. This wasn't that good with some really sloppy and obviously missed stuff from Shaska being sold.

"We all have one thing in common. We all want to rid wrestling of the Midnight Rider. We all see the evil side of Dusty Rhodes because they are both one and the same." - J.J. Dillon
"Dusty Rhodes I'm putting you on warning. You are a wanted man. You look to the one side of you, you might find Kevin Sullivan. You look to the other side, you may find Jim Cornette. Look down at your knees, you may see Gary Hart with a baseball bat." - JJ
The Sheepherders vs Ricky Santana and Kendall Windham
The Sheepherders are indeed Luke and Butch from the Bushwhackers in the WWF. This isn't my favorite Sheepherders combination though as its missing Johnathan Boyd. Johnny Ace is with them and he was John Laurinitis recently on WWE TV. This is a return match as Johnny Ace jumped in during their previous match and used the flag for a DQ.

Ricky Santana got a roll-up here for the win on Butch. The finish was really odd. It seemed that Butch pinned Santana with a knee to the back but apparently it wasn't counted? I don't know. Then Butch and Johnny Ace fought over the flag and Ricky rolled him up. Odd finish that makes me think Santana was supposed to move in the first finish and hit the roll-up.
Afterwards, Ace turned face when the Sheepherders beat him up. Rip Morgan debuted here attacking Ace.

Al Perez vs Nikita Koloff

Nikita Koloff won by DQ when Gary Hart interfered. Good match with a dumb and pointless finish. It made the match a total waste of time when both guys were having a pretty good night.

Overall thoughts: Two bad finishes out of three make this skippable!

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