Sunday, December 23, 2012

IPWA Israel - Tatanka vs Rabbi Swissa - 8/16/2012

IPWA Israel - IPWA Heavyweight Title Match - Tatanka vs Rabbi Swissa - 8/16/2012 in Netanya, Israel


It's everybody's favorite rabbi, RABBI SWISSA vs the native american warrior, Tatanka! We are live from what appears to be a prison yard in front of 300 people in Netanya, Israel. This is for Rabbi Swissa's highly coveted Israeli Pro Wrestling Association Heavyweight Title.

"Oy va voy!" - The announcer (I swear he said that)
"Whoa!" - The Announcer admiring Rabbi Swissa's fireman's carry take down
"Moonsault! Moonsault e Swissa!" - Announcer
Please listen to the audio on this above. It was HILARIOUS.

Tatanka beat Rabbi Swissa with a samoan drop called "The End of the Trail" to become your NEW IPWA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! I accidently typed "The End of the Trial" and it gave me the idea of how great of a judge Tatanka would be.

Aside from all that, not a great match here. The Good Rabbi Swissa needs alot of work and is GLOW level green. The crowd and the announcers here were the best part of the match as I don't think any of them have ever seen wrestling before so they popped big for alot of things. The sight of 300 Israeli's going "WOOOO" and marking out for Tatanka's chops are something to be seen. However, the best part was the announcers yelling "HO HO HO HO" when Tatanka made his comeback. These two need to be in WWE immediately where they can pop for firemen's carry's all day and yell "Oy Va Voy!". Not something to see for the workrate but it is a riot for all the wrong reasons. Rating:1/2*

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