Sunday, December 16, 2012

Elevation X - AJ Styles vs Rhino

Elevation X - AJ Styles vs Rhino

"He's hidden. Rhino can't see him. Rhino's going to think he already fell down." - Don West
AJ gets his own powder in his face
Rhino beat AJ Styles after knocking him off the scaffold. This is probably the best American scaffold match ever. Good work by both guys, especially AJ who used the scaffold in some unique ways. This match was well booked and it was pretty safe as a whole. The match was fun and had tons of drama as death was only a second away. Rating:***3/4

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  1. I totally agree !

    I hear a lot of negative opinions about this match, but I thought those guys totally knew what they were doing and played safe. and it was exciting :)