Monday, December 24, 2012

Dragon Gate 9/14/2012 - Masaaki Mochizuki vs Shingo Takagi

Dragon Gate 9/14/2012 - Masaaki Mochizuki vs Shingo Takagi

Shingo Takagi beat Masaaki Mochizuki by countout after a Death Valley Driver on the apron. Very good match with an odd finish. These two looked like they were going to have a MOTY then the match just stopped. It made sense in a way because they really killed each other but it also robbed us of a straight finish which this really deserved. The work was super stiff with both guys looking battered a minute into it. The highlights were Mocchy's stiff kicks to the head and the strikes in general. It is such a shame that this wasn't given a better finish because with a proper finish, this would have been ****. Rating:***1/2

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