Friday, December 28, 2012

AWA 6/24/1986 - Cage - Blackwell & Slaughter vs Tonga, Kaisee and Superstar

AWA 6/24/1986 - Cage - Jerry Blackwell & Sgt. Slaughter vs King Tonga, Adnan Al-Kassie and The Masked Superstar

The finish
Jerry Blackwell pinned Shiek Adnan Al-Kassie with a top rope splash to win. Good match here with basic work by both teams leading up to the big splash. They had a normal match here first then used the cage to add to it, which was great. The faces fired up a bunch of times which I really enjoyed and the crowd was into it. Blackwell and Slaughter were both very good here and the Masked Superstar did some great Flair like bumps to sell the cage. We aren't talking an all time classic here, but it is a perfectly serviceable and fun cage match. Rating:***1/2

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