Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yoko Bito retires

Thanks to Anonymous for the tip.

Yoko Bito announced on November 3rd that she would be retiring due to a cervical spine injury that happened during her match with Yuzuki Aikawa from 8/5/2012(See it here - http://prowresblog.blogspot.com/2012/10/stardom-stardom-x-stardom-2012-852012.html?showComment=1352823017168 ).

I'm not sure what caused the injury as they really just kicked each other during the match without taking any really big bumps.

My thoughts on this are that it is pretty sad for everyone involved. I wish Yoko Bito a speedy recovery and hope she can go on with life as usual.

STARDOM surely has to be disappointed by this. Yoko Bito was arguably their second biggest star and was going to be a main event talent for years to come. She was one of their building blocks and the sky was the limit for her. She was good looking, a decent wrestler and young with her best days ahead of her. I also believe that STARDOM was going to have her in nothing less than the semi-main event at their big sumo hall show, which would obviously now be scrapped. STARDOM still has alot of young girls who are ready to be pushed but out of their homegrown stars, Bito was the second best.

As a fan, this is quite disappointing. I always looked forward to her matches and was interested in seeing how she developed. I had expected that she would become a top worker and would be along the lines of a Fuka or maybe even a Maekawa. I was also expecting a big rivalry with Yuzuki Aikawa.

I had the chance to meet Yoko Bito during my failed japan expedition at a Stardom event. I didn't really get to talk to her much(blame the management at STARDOM for that) but she seemed nice and I don't like to see anyone get hurt.

I am not sure if Yoko Bito will ever return but STARDOM has said that she will be welcomed if she chooses to do so. I'd like to see her return but if its best for her to not wrestle, then she should do that.

We will miss you Yoko Bito and hope you can lead a successful life outside of wrestling.

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