Friday, November 2, 2012

WWE Superstars 11/1/2012 Review

WWE Superstars 11/1/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

The Uso Brothers - Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso vs Primo and Epico
"Rosa Mendes understands that the losers get the losers share of the purse and money draws people. In this case, it draws Rosa Mendes." - Matt Striker
The finish
The Uso's beat Primo and Epico with a rocket launcher. Good match here that got about 8 minutes of time. Good work by both teams but the focus here was on Rosa yelling really basic spanish phrases and shaking her body. Kind of sad how little attention Primo/Epico get compared to Rosa, but that's WWE. Anyway,a pretty good match here but I think they have even better in them. Rating:*1/2

I also wanted to note that they did a promo for the Uso'd during the match.

Brodus Clay vs Michael McGillicutty
"As a side note, a local deli by me has named a sandwich after Brodus Clay called, Funk on a Roll" - Matt Striker
"I don't know if I want to try that." - Josh Mathews
"Come on Brodus! Love you!" - Naomi
During the  commercial, they did a promo for Brodus.

The crowd chanted "FEED ME MORE" here for some reason. Maybe it was a joke on Brodus' weight?
The finish
Brodus Clay beat Michael McGillicutty with a splash. They didn't bother to explain McGillicutty's clothing so who knows what the deal was with that. Maybe he forgot his gear? The focus here was all on the girls at ringside. Anytime Brodus hit a move, they'd cut to them. They even did a replay of just them bouncing. I guess I'd rather look at them than Brodus, but it was kind of hard to get into the match with so many cutaways. The match wasn't really special. The crowd didn't get into it and Brodus isn't really that inspiring in the ring. Nothing was bad here but this match just didn't have any hook to it. Rating:3/4*

"Check out the victory celebration by the Funkadactyl's" - Josh Mathews
Overall thoughts: One good match, one really average one and lots of girls jumping around. This wasn't worth the time at all and it's really nothing worth checking out.

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