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WWE Smackdown 11/6/2012 Review

WWE Smackdown 11/6/2012 Review

Last week's show is here: http://prowresblog.blogspot.com/2012/11/wwe-friday-night-smackdown-1122012.html

Nope, this is not a joke. Smackdown is on tonight due to WWE being in the UK. I'm sure no one will remember to watch it and honestly, I'm surprised I did. Chalk it up to a slow day.

Sheamus came out. They showed a video of him, Drew and Regal at a bar taped on a cellphone.Big Show then came in and beat up both men. He threw Sheamus into a bleacher and hit him with a table.

Big Show then appeared on the tron and said he did Sheamus a favor by not destroying him so much that he couldn't make Survivor Series. Wade Barrett then came out. They talked and Sheamus asked him to fight him right now. Wade teased it then left. Well, this was a stupid way of wasting 8 minutes.

Wade met with Booker T in the back and he made Wade and The Big Show vs Sheamus and William Regal. I believe they also met on Friday, so that's twice in a week. I'm totally cool with Regal in the main.

Intercontinental Title - Kofi Kingston vs The Miz
Kofi has three wins going into this against Miz. Kofi got launched onto a barrier on the outside and caught himself. He walked the barrier then hit Miz with a flying clothesline. During the break, Kofi got dropped on his knee on the steps. JBL brought up Kofi's highflying and said, "That reminds me of me when I was young". I don't remember him ever doing nay flying though. Miz put Kofi in a standing figure four and put his weight on knee forcing it down. Miz tried to superplex Kofi, but Kofi blocked it and hit a big splash off the top for the win. Good match, but we will never know how good it was since they cut away from it during the break. Miz stared Kofi down after the match and offered a hand. Kofi then dropkicked him for absolutely no reason at all in which JBL called a "cheapshot". I'm on Miz's side here. WWE just loves to make their faces look like jerks.

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs The Primetime Players
The faces finally wore outfits of the same color. It's taken a while to get that far. The heels worked a chinlock on Cara until Rey got in and took the advantage. Cara hit a tope on Young and O'Neil hit a low down for the win. This was good but too short unfortunately. I'd definitely be up for a rematch. Matt Striker interviewed them after. O'Neil blew his whistle and said they are conducting their own interview. Titus asked Young what this victory meant and he said "millions of dollars". He then asked what they will be getting when they get the tag titles and Young said "millions of dollars". Titus then asked Striker when he sees the PTP's down the ramp, what does he see? Striker said "millions of dollars" and they complained because it didn't have enough flavor to it. Striker then did a bad version of the PTP's dance until he was kicked out. Titus penalized him "10 yards for having no rhythm at all and 10 yards for having that ridiculous mustache".  If Titus ever wants to become an announcer, he gets my vote.

Booker T was in the back with Teddy and asked if Vickie could make a match like that. Teddy said sure and then Booker T acted like he was mad before hugging him and showing that he was playing.

Wade Barrett and The Big Show vs Sheamus and William Regal
JBL talked about Regal's matches with Finlay in WCW making waves around the world for being so violent. This one was mostly people working rest holds until they got up to pace near the finish. Big Show beat William Regal with the knockout punch. Not as good as it should have been and disappointing for me.

Striker talked with ADR backstage. ADR said that Orton sneak attacked him twice and that's the only reason he got the advantage on him. ADR promised that he would show how Orton is tonight. Rosa Mendes then came in and wished Alberto Del Rio. My suspicions of an angle brewing with them have come true. This actually could be entertaining especially if it leads to Ricardo Rodriguez and Rosa Mendes fighting for Alberto Del Rio's love. Atleast in my fantasy booking world anyway.

Matt Striker talked with Randy Orton backstage. Orton said that they will have to get a little sick and twisted and cross lines that other humans won't cross in their lifetime. He said that he "really enjoys showing the world how sick and twisted he can get".

They showed another fandango or fandangoo package for Johnny Curtis. I guess this has to do with his new stripper gimmick he debuted on NXT.

Falls Count Anywhere - Randy Orton vs Alberto Del Rio
Ricardo did Alberto Del Rio's intro without music. It sounds so weird without it.  JBL called this "Pacquiao vs Mayweather with no gloves". They went out in the crowd early exchanging punches. They fought into a merchandise area when they went to break. Great timing on that, just when it was getting interesting. We came back with ADR going for the pin somewhere in the arnea. They made their way back to the crowd, trying to pin each other in an aisle. Orton ended up backdropping ADR on the ramp way until Ricardo jumped on Randy's back. Randy threw him on the stage. He then kicked him in the stomach and threw him in a phone booth in which JBL said, "I don't think Superman's coming out". ADR knocked Orton off the apron onto a table. ADR then grabbed a mic and told Orton to "stop being the apex predator of WWE and get ready to tap out". ADR put the cross armbreaker on Orton. Orton grabbed the mic and hit ADR in the head with it. ADR then threw Orton shoulder first into the post. Orton ended up hitting an RKO on the stairs on ADR for the win. The finish was decent but the rest was really uninteresting. They could have gotten really creative and done some things different but they did the same things they'd normally do. ADR's now lost yet another feud. Has he won one yet?

Overall thoughts: Some good wrestling here but it just wasn't enough especially on Election Night. I didn't find SD that interesting and would have prefered it been on a Friday instead.

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