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WWE Monday Night Raw 11/5/2012 Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 11/5/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

As usual, I missed the first 20 minutes as I can't make it home any sooner.

They showed some footage of AJ in a bathrobe going into a room in a hotel. Then they showed Cena picking up something outside of the door in just a towel. Vickie asked AJ to explain but she said she would give Vickie the beating of her life if she did that. AJ said then she'd get fired from doing what she loved to do and Dolph said, "We all know what you love to do" and Cena went after him.

Miz quit Punk's Survivor Series team. Heyman was in the back talking to Wade and telling Wade that Punk needs someone like Wade to be in his Survivor Series team. Wade refused saying he doesn't trust him. Wade then changed his mind and said he would do it but Paul would owe him. Therefore, Wade replaces Miz at Survivor Series.

Daniel Bryan vs Cody Rhodes
DB got pinned when Sandow distracted DC and Cody pinned him. The crowd was super into this but it was over in no time.

After the match, Cody got on the mic and said that Sandow could beat Kane as easy as he beat DB. Kane then grabbed Sandow but Sandow ran.

Kane vs Damien Sandow
DB and Cody got sent to the back midway through the match after they fought and ran through the ring. Kane won this one with a chokeslam and what can you really say except that it was a Kane match.

Brad Maddox came out and said he low blowed Ryback on his own doing. He said he always wanted to be a wrestler but WWE turned him down, so he had to do something to stick out. He said he wanted a contract and a match with Ryback. Vince then came out and said he thought it was all lies. Vince says he will give Brad a $1,000,000 contract if he beats Ryback. Vince then brought Vickie out and asked why she would not make Punk defend the title at Survivor Series and instead let him hide behind his teammates. Vince then put words in her mouth and made her talk until she got them right. Vickie wanted to put Dolph against Punk for the title, but Vince said that she was thinking of putting Ryback and someone else against Punk. He said, "If you say Dolph Ziggler, I'll fire you right on the spot". He then got her to say John Cena, so it's a 3-way Ryback vs Cena vs Punk for the title at Survivor Series.

Sheamus vs The Miz
Big Show was on commentary here. Sheamus controlled the early portion until they did the usual babyface heat segment with Sheamus selling. They had a pretty long match here and a long heat heat segment with Miz in contol. Sheamus made his comeback with a powerslam and a diving shoulder tackle. Sheamus hit a white noise and then hit Miz with a Brogue Kick for the win. Decent match but I don't really buy Miz being able to take on Sheamus legitimately and I've never a fan of "tough guy Miz".

Dolp Ziggler was was waiting for Vickie outside Vince's office. Vickie said he would be leading a Survivor Series team. Punk mentioned to Ziggler that Ziggler is only the leader because Vince is screwing with Punk. They announced Cena and Ryback vs Punk and Ziggler for tonight.

Sheams talked to Regal in the back and they talked about going to get a pint.

Eve Torres and Aksana vs Layla and Kaitlyn
Aksana has some romantic saxophone music and an all red outfit with some black trimming. She looks pretty cool and I like the music. At worst it is different enough to get your attention. Layla gets whiter by the week. It's amazing. Layla did butt bumps here ala Shiro Koshinaka. Layla tried for some double jump thing off the ropes and got axe handled and stuck in the ropes by Aksana. Eve had Layla in a hanging sleeper from the top rope.  Eve did some kind of butt shaking dance ala Ms Tessmacher and Layla kicked her in the butt. Kaitlyn ended up getting the win with a reverse DDT. Not a bad match at all but not quite up to the level they've been at.

Rircardo and ADR argued in the back about who the team captain is until Rosa Mendes ran into him. Then they started to walk to the ring.

Alberto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston
They announced a Super Smackdown tommorow with Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton in a falls count anywhere match. They were having a very good match until Orton's music hit which distracted ADR, leading to a Kofi pin. Good match here. They did back and forth wrestling and worked some holds and Kofi was made to look pretty good. After the match Orton hit a quick RKO on ADR to put him down. I would have liked to have seen a clean finish here. It seems like they are starting to get behind Kofi.

Team CoBro - Zack Ryder and Santino Marella vs Primo and Epico
Santino went for an armdrag without an arm to drag, making him fall on his face. Santino ended up getting the win with a cobra in a pretty decent match. Good heat for the faces here but pretty much none for the heels. Poor Primo and Epico...

Brodus Clay came out with the Funkadactyl's wearing their non-PG gear.

Brodus Clay vs Wade Barrett
The crowd was into Wade due to this being held in England. Wade hit an impressive black hole slam on Clay. Clay tried to make a face comeback but the whole time they chanted for Wade. Clay went for the avalanche but got hit with a souvenir elbow for the win. Not a bad match at all here and it was really heated.

Heath Slater vs Jey Uso
Heath Slater came out with Jinder Mahal but no Drew. Cole said he wasn't there but didn't say why. I'm not sure if there is a connection to Mahal and Drew being against each other on NXT or not. Jey and Jimmy wore red sweatbands on their heads. Slater hit a stiff spin kick on Uso. I believe Slater was wearing eye liner here. Uso went for the superfly splash but got knees to the gut and bounced. Slater then hit a smash hit for the win. Not much heat for this but it was fine.

CM Punk came out and talked about beating Ryback. He said that Vince is continuing his tradition of screwing people at Survivor Series by putting him in a three way.

John Cena and Ryback vs CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler
Cena hit an AA on Punk who just bounced and looked like he was in pain. Ziggler then tagged in. Zig went for a top rope dropkick but missed ad made an akward landing. Ryback tagged in and tore apart everyone. He threw Dolph around like nothing and hit a lariat called a "meathook clothesline". Ryback then hit the Shellshock for the win. Cena and Ryback stared each other down after with Ryback chanting "feed me more" at Cena.

Overall thoughts: The show didn't need to be three hours but atleast there was some decent wrestling with not too much stupid stuff to be had. It could have been worse. I did find the Survivor Series team changes hard to keep track of though.

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