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WWE Monday Night Raw 11/19/2012 Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 11/19/2012 Review

Last weeks show is here:

As you guys probably know, I missed about the first 30 minutes here. I'm sincerely embarrassed that I have to miss that much each time and still have to present these shows while missing parts of the show.

Aksana vs Kaitlyn
Lawler said that this would put some whoppee in his cushion. They confirmed that Aksana attacked Kaitlyn at NOC. I watched every show since then and WWE decided this week that it was Aksana who did it when it was hinted that it was Eve. I don't know, did I miss something? Kaitlyn did a flapjack on Aksana where she almost tucked her head in. Then she just hit her and pinned her. No replay on the finish because well, I guess they think no one cares.

Antonio Cesaro vs Brodus Clay
Cesaro hit a double stomp on Clay and Clay didn't even budge. It was like he just sunk in. Cesaro hit an awesome twisting diving uppercut from the top and then got Brodus up for the Gotch-Style Neutralizer for the win. It looked really impressive and I'm curious if Ryback could take Cesaro in a strength contest.

Vickie came out and brought a waitress from Sacremento who saw AJ and Cena. She said they requested a private table in the corner and they were being very touchy feely. She also said they looked like they were discussing more than buisness. She also brought out Doug Brady, a parking attendant. He said he saw AJ and Cena remain in a parked vehicle for an hour. He said they were parked next to a family and the father of that family complained about what they saw in the vehicle.

AJ came out and said she was sick of all this. She dared Vickie to fire her. Vickie then said she had photos of AJ and Cena kissing in a car. Cena then came out interuppting that. Cena said she wanted to give people something to talk about and then Cena kissed AJ right on the lips! They made out for about 15 seconds and then AJ jumped on Cena kissing him more. Dolphthen came out attacking Cena. Cena tripped or hit his foot on something and almost fell while holding his foot up.

2/3 Falls - Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton
Ricardo continues to call ADR the "New Apex Predator and The Real Deal". ADR got DQ'd in the first fall I guess for excessive violence for cracking Orton's arm against the post. They didn't really explain it and it was really freaking stupid. This is legitimiately one of the dumbest finishes I've seen in a long time. ADR then got him in the second fall almost exactly after it started with a cross armbreaker. They said that Orton tapped out ASAP to avoid damage. However, ADR kept it on after the bell to cause more pain. In the 3rd fall, Ricardo grabbed Orton's leg and got ejected. ADR hit a backstabber during the mess only to get a near fall. ADR went for an RKO but ORton countered with a hanging DDT. ADR then recovered and hit the armbreaker again. ADR went for a springboard enzugiri and missed with Orton hitting an RKO for the win. Decent finish but those first two falls were a gigantic waste with some stupid booking inbetween. ADR loses another big one. Has ADR ever won the big one?

They had Cena getting his ankle taped up in the back with AJ saying, "I'm sorry, Are you okay?". I don't think that this was planned but its possible I guess.

The Great Khali vs Primo and Epico
Hornswogggle came out with flowers that were for Rosa. He teased giving them to her then sprayed her with water hidden in them. What was that for? That was a jerk move. Khali beat Primo on SMS to lead up to this(see it here - ). Khali won with a tree slam in no time then Hornswoggle danced with Khali. I liked that.

Heyman was in the back going off on people helping with Punk's party tonight saying, "I WANT BALLOONS! BALLOONS!".

David Otunga vs The Miz
I'm still not used to The Miz being a face. That's going to take some time. This should be an easy squash for Miz.

I was wrong here as Otunga took over early and was clearly in control while working a headlock. We got a boring chant and Miz hit some kind of cradle before taking a clothesline. We then went back to the headlock. Miz then got in control and hit some really bad punches. He even totally missed one. Miz hit the corner clothesline then a double axe handle off the top before hitting the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

I've been giving Miz a little more credit lately but pushing him as a face is going to be an ambiguous move at worst.

Sheamus came out and called Big Show. Sheamus had a chair with him and they argued.

Sheamus vs Damien Sandow
Sandow was in control early choking Sheamus and hitting a spinning neckbreaker on Sheamus on the floor. Ow. Sheamus then took alot of offense from Sandow with more chinlocks. With Orton's match before this, we've probably gotten a full 6 minutes of chinlocks. Sandow went for the Elbow of Disdain but took a backbreaker and then got his chest clubbered.  Sheamus hit a battering ram then a White Noise. Sheamus then hit abrogue kick for the win. I'm glad Sandow got to be in control a little which is an update from when he was running away from Sheamus less than two months ago. I would have liked to have seen less chinlocks though in order to think this was better.

Vickie was talking to Tamina Snuka in the back when AJ came in. Tamina looked HUGE out there. She looked 6 foot tall easy. AJ asked what Vickie would do about Cena's foot injury and she said nothing. Then AJ said, "If you're not gonna do anything about it Vickie, I will".

AJ was with Layla and Layla was telling her not to do something. AJ told her to "leave me the hell alone".AJ went into the men's locker room and confronted Dolph. Dolph called her trash and AJ flipped out, smacking him all around. Cena came in to stop it then Dolph attacked him. They fought and Dolph speared Cena through a toilet stall as someone screamed, "Get a doctor in here quick!".

 Josh Mathews said that Cena has a partially torn meniscus.

Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio vs Team Hell No
Titus O'Neil said that Cena needs to take his cap and shirt money and give it to them to protect Cena. Lawler told Young to watch his hair during Kane's pyro and Titus told Lawler to "have a heart". Rey had a black and red combo on while Cara went with his Mistico white costume from Mexico. Young was picking his hair and said, "If your hair's nappy, no one's happy". Lawler then said Titus washed his hair with a wash rag and he said," That's a penalty on you right there" and blew his whistle. Cole then asked what a wash rag was and Titus and Lawler explained it. Titus owns. He needs to do announcing, commentating and wrestling. Heck, put him as the referee while they are at it. Titus then asked Lawler if he "goes to the bank or the pay windah?". Titus then said they were between Hell No and the faces as they were young, strong and healthy and they goofed around more. Rey hit a 619 and then got grabbed in the choke slam position before the PTP's ran in. They stomped down Kane and the PTP's got set up by Cara for a double 619. Kane then choke slammed Titus and Cole said, "Take that ya old wash rag". Lawler then said, "The Primetime players are washed up right now". The commentary was awesome here. Who cares about the match?

Heyman and Punk were in the back. Heyman said this would be a celebration beyond compare. He then said, "Your celebration awaits!".

Heyman came out and called the fans on their crap. He said they wanted the attitude era back and the brought it back last week but people complained. He also said they chant "ECW" but when they got a little extreme, they didn't like it. He then said the Universe isn't ready for Punk. Heyman cried during Punk's entrance. They did a great video package on Punk showing some of the highlights from each day of his reign. Heyman talked about being around Bruno Sammartino when he was younger and said tha Bruno Sammartino could never beat CM Punk. He then said Hulk Hogan could never beat CM Punk and then said Austin couldn't either. Ryback then came out. Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins attacked. It took them a little while but they got control of Ryback. They said, "Let's do it again" and "Two times" before powerbombing Ryback through a table. Punk then put his foot on Ryback and posed to some cheers.

Overall thoughts: TITUS O'NEIL RULES. Dolph spearing Cena through a commode also ruled. Cesaro was really awesome too. Other than that, there was nothing that good. Get yourself a gif of Dolph spearing Cena, watch that match with Titus on the mic and call it a day.

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  1. Pretty much how I felt. I was left feeling a little underwhelmed. Maybe I got too hyped after survivor series but I was just expecting so much more from this Raw, as if it should of been a big push for Rollins, Ambrose & Reigns.Capitalize on the intrigue. Not only that it is 1 year since Punk won the championship and a 5-10 minute speech about, not much didn't seem to be a grand enough gesture. I'd imagine if it was Cena he'd get something a personalized title belt ....or...maybe I'm just very tired, it is half 4 in the morning :/