Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WWE Main Event 11/7/2012 Review

WWE Main Event 11/7/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

As usual, I tried to record this to give the full review and it didn't work. Never buy DVD recorders, especially in a combo with a VHS recorder. It's just asking for trouble.

I missed the first 20 minutes unfortunately.

Wade Barrett vs Sheamus
The Big Show was commentary here. The crowd was pretty heated for this. They had a decent punch exchange with Sheamus getting the advantage. Wade then went outside and got hit with a battering ram off the apron. Sheamus had Barrett up for the White Noise and Big Show walked away from the booth looking upset. Sheamus then hit the Brogue Kick for the win. This match was alright with really good heat suprisingly.  It was pretty much their usual clubbering match but the heat was really what made it. Big show posed with the title on the ramp after the match and him and Sheamus stared each other down.

The Big Show was interviewed by Striker but Big Show blew him off. Striker begged for a response and Show laid him out with a punch.

R-Truth vs Heath Slater
They said Drew McIntyre was out scouting merchandising deals which is why he wasn't here when in reality, his mother is sick. Jinder mouthed off to Truth while Slater was down and got him outside. Then Slater snuck up from behind the post and clocked him. Miz said that Heath told him "the people love us and we love them" and Cole said, "they are #1 in the charts and in the ring". They then had a discussion about having skill at the air guitar as Truth got sloppily thrown out. Miz brought up teaming with R-Truth and I have recollection of that team whatsoever. Slater threw Truth into the ropes and hit a rebound neckbreaker. Truth then tried for a suplex into a stunner but kind of botched it. Jinder then came in and hit Truth with an axe handle and a sweet flying knee for the R-Truth win by DQ.

Nextk week: Team Hell No vs Team Rhodes Scholars for the tag titles.

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