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WWE Main Event 11/21/2012 Review

WWE Main Event 11/21/2012 Review

Last weeks show is here:

Miz came out and tried to talk but Dolph interrupted. Dolph said that this was "Main Event" and he didn't know why Miz was in the main event instead of "Mr. Main Event". Dolph said, "I'm Dolph Ziggler" and then a fan yelled, "And you suck". Miz said thanks to that fan for that. They talked about nothing and just insulted each other until the ref decided to start the match.

The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler
They actually got a "Miz is awesome" chant here. Dolph took a nasty chest first backdrop to the floor. That looked like it hurt. Dolph did his SAITO Special headstand headlock and then flipped over into a bridge. Zig tried to pin Miz with his feet on the ropes but got caught with a side effect. Dolph then rode Miz with a sleeper. Miz got out and hit a running clothesline and a top rope axe handle. Miz ran for Dolph but Dolph hit a zig zag for the win in a good match at 25:35.

Striker tried to interview Dolph and Dolph told him to beat it. Dolph said he backed up what he said and proved it. He said he's better than everyone and said that he is just getting started. He then said he's not done with Cena yet and said he will make history when he finishes him.

Wade Barrett vs Justin Gabriel
This is a battle of former Nexus members. We've gotten that alot lately with Cena vs Ryback vs CM Punk. Wade took control early pounding on Gabriel. Wade hit a black hole slam for a nearfall. Gabriel got an escape and hit a final cut. Then he followed it with an STO and got crotched off a 450 attempt. He then got hit with a bull hammer elbow for the Wade Barrett win at 3:35.

Cole announced breaking news saying that Cena will debut on Main Event next week. Damien Sandow came out and challenged Cena for next week on Main Event. He called Cena "The Ultimate False Idol".

They announced that Cena will be on MizTV on Smackdown. I will be reviewing that here so make sure it check it out.

Overall thoughts: Two good matches so this gets no complaints from me! I'm loving the Main Event format and can totally do with good matches and minimal crap.

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