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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 11/16/2012 Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 11/16/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

Sheamus was waiting for the Big Show to arrive in the parking lot.

MizTV with Mick Foley
"Is that a new pair of sweats that Mick has? Those were new in the 70's." - JBL
Mick Foley then called a team meeting.
"Without me, you'd be roaming basments and scaring little children." - Daniel Bryan
"I'd be roaming basements and scaring little children regardless." - Kane
Kofi then tried to stop it between Kane and DB.
"Really? You're going to be the peacekeeper? Last week, I go to shake your hand and you kick me in the face." - The Miz
"and if you don't take two steps back, I'm gonna do it again." - Kofi Kingston
"It's hard to believe that the voice of reason on Team Foley may be Randy Orton." - Mick Foley
"You want me to be the voice of reason? Mick, I've spat in your face multiple times and you threw me in a pile of thumbtacks a while ago. Even though all that happened between us, I still like you more than any of these other people right now. There's not a member of this team that I actually do like or trust." - Randy Orton
Dolph Ziggler then came out with his crew.
"Del Rio, Del Rio, one meeting man. Hey! What's the problem?" - DZ
"Ziggler to be honest, I don't think you have what it takes to be the team leader. In fact, there's only one person in this place who deserves to be the leader and it's not you Ziggler." - ADR
"Don't you talk to me that way, I'm a former WWE champion." - ADR
"Former? I'm a future world champion(EDIT - and a former) and I'd rather be a future than a former anything." - DZ
Mick Foley then said that Booker allowed him to make matches if he had Team Ziggler's blessing. He booked Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio vs The Miz and Randy Orton. He then made Kane vs Wade Barrett and Kofi Kingston vs Damien Sandow. It took 17 minutes to do all this.

Kofi Kingston vs Damien Sandow
Damien Sandow got the win with the roll up with his hands pulling the tights as you can see above. This went about 5 minutes but felt even shorter. Kofi did his usual flying and Sandow got little in before the finish.

Natalya, Layla and Kaitlyn vs Aksana, Eve Torres and Alicia Fox
According to JBL, Great Khali sent Natalya several text messages and is interested in her.
The finish
Kaitlyn beat Alicia Fox with a scorpion deathdrop to take this. This was very very quick but good. There was a nice fast pace to this and I enjoyed it. Hard to say much else really.

"Word is, Big Show isn't even going to show up tonight with you standing here." - Booker T
"Okay Book, I'll move, but you tell Big Show if he's got any guts at all, he'll see me in that ring tonight." - Sheamus
"48 hours man until Survivor Series. Then you can rip him limb from limb. Keep your cool. I'm serious dog. If things get out of hands, there will be consequences and repercussions, you got that dog?" - Booker T
"Fella, you got that right." - Sheamus

Randy Orton and The Miz vs Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler
Ricardo is still calling ADR the Apex Predator in his intro.
Miz beat Alberto Del Rio with the Skull Crushing Finale to get the win for his team. Miz tagged himself in near the finish which Randy didn't like and that's when he his his finishing move. They teased alot of dissention between Miz and Orton but I wasn't buying much into it. I don't recall Miz and Orton ever really feuding or crossing paths very often so I didn't get why they would hate each other. The heels worked fine together even though they were at odds too. I swear, we've seen the partner force tags his partner thing almost every week as of late. It's constant with DB and Kane and I know I saw it with Miz and Big Show weeks back. It might be time to lay off of it. Anyway, this was a decent match but they didn't do too much. Not many highlights but the crowd was into it.
"We've got one of the biggest survivor series matches in history and these guys can't stand each other." - JBL
 Sheamus came out to talk.
"I'm tired of all this talkin'. I'm tired of all this walking around. The time for talking is over. I say it's time to fight." - Sheamus
Big Show then came out.
"You think I'm scared of you? You know what Sheamus, I am scared of you. I'm not scared of what you might do to me. I'm scared of what I might do to you. So instead of sitting there being all angry, you should just do the right thing and thank me. Just say thank you." - Big Show
"I think I'll go up there and thank you right now." - Sheamus
"Tonight, I gotta ask you Sheamus to leave my building. It's not gonna happen. It ain't going down." - Booker T
"Right now Sheamus, I'm not asking you, I'm telling you as Smackdown General Manager to leave my building." - Booker T
"My man. I love how you handled that. Who's that kid think he is talking to us? We go back 15 years. That's what I like about you. You get me. You understand me." - Big Show
"I'm glad you appreciate how I handled my buisness because we have a main event tonight and you're in it." - Booker T
"Who's my opponent?" - Big Show
"Don't worry about that. You'll find out when you get in the ring tonight." - Booker T
Kane vs Wade Barrett
"How many people smile like Wade Barrett did when they find out they're going to face Kane?" - JBL
"Kane had his first match at Survivor Series." - Josh Mathews
Kane beat Wade Barrett by DQ in about a minute when Team Ziggler attacked. The faces cleared them out, minus The Miz.

Antonio Cesaro vs Sin Cara

Antonio Cesaro beat Sin Cara with the Gotch-Style Neutralizer which Josh Mathews called "The Equalizer". I was really surprised to see Cara treated as a jobber here as they haven't ever really had him lose something like this. This was a very good match as you would expect because Cesaro is totally used to playing the base for technicos.
"Can I have your attention please? With all due respect to Little Jimmy, I would like to quote another Jimmy: Hacksaw Jimmy Duggan. U-S-A, U-S-A." - R-Truth
Big Show vs The Great Khali
"We got Godzilla vs King Kong, Josh. This looks like Jurassic Park." - JBL
The finish
The Big Show beat The Great Khali with the Knockout Punch. Not many highlights to this but it wasn't really that bad. It's not like they blew anything. They only went 4 minutes so it was hard to really screw up.

Big Show walked to the back, scared off Striker then went into his van when Sheamus attacked.
The Big Show's butt broke a car window.
Sheamus' butt then broke a car window. I bet my car window wouldn't break from that. Hmm...I wonder.. Nah.

Overall thoughts: The show was pretty decent I guess. They furthered some storylines and added some interest to the Survivor Series match but the show was still kind of a let down. Ever since the Main Event/Saturday Morning Slam debut, Smackdown just hasn't felt that important. There's nothing outright bad about this show, but nothing really outright great either. So it's in the middle for me. I don't really recommend it but if you feel like watching it, go for it.

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